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Q: Should I size down when buying 3sixteen jeans?

A: Our jeans will stretch up to 1" in the waist within the first two weeks of wear. To accommodate for the stretch, most customers size down one from their measured waist size. It's hard to compare sizing from different brands since companies all have different sizing rules, and jeans stretch over time. The best way to determine your size in 3sixteen jeans is to measure a pair of jeans that fit you well and compare them to the charts on our product pages.

Q: Ok. I got my jeans. How do I know that I've purchased the right size?

A: The easiest way to tell if you're in the correct size of our jeans is if you're able to button the jeans up snugly but comfortably on your initial fit. You should not be able to pull the waistband away 2" from your waist on the first try, and they should not be painfully restrictive either. It's important to note that our denim does not stretch as much as some other raw denim does, so if you'd had to buy a pair of jeans way too tight in the past (with the promise that they'll stretch to a better place), please know that you don't need to do this with our jeans. If your 3sixteens are slightly snug but button up with relative ease, you're in the right size - the 1" stretch that you'll get will get them to a very comfortable place.

Q: How do you measure your jeans? 

A: Please reference this page for a full explanation on how we measure our jeans. 

Q: Should I soak my jeans before wearing them?

A: Our denim is sanforized, which means that the fabric has undergone a process whereby most of the shrinkage you should expect on a first wash has been removed. Thus, there's no need for a presoak unless you'd like to get rid of some of the initial fabric starch (which our denim has very little of to begin with). If you're concerned with making your jeans last as long as possible, an initial presoak (10 minutes in cold water will do the trick) will strengthen the fabric.  

Q: How do I prevent crotch blowouts?

A: Crotch blowouts are a result of any combination of the following factors: fit, washing habits, and daily activity. If you like to wear slim jeans but have large thighs, crotch blowouts will happen due to friction. If you wash your jeans rarely, the dirt and bacteria that the jeans accumulate will break down the cotton fibers. If you do lots of physical activity in your jeans, the fabric will undergo more stress than if you sit at a desk all day. Combine any two (or three) of these factors and the likelihood of a crotch blowout increases. Thankfully, our denim is quite hard wearing and can take a lot of abuse - but, like all cotton garments, they can and will break down over time. We suggest repairing your jeans early on when you notice a hole starting to form, as it will prevent them from sustaining greater damage later on when the jean starts to break down further structurally. We also suggest washing your jeans somewhat consistently if you are concerned with making them last as long as possible.

Q: What's the best way to wash my jeans?

A: Our general rule of thumb for washing is as follows: if your jeans are dirty, wash them. If you are looking to develop fading with deep contrast, it's best to wait a few months before your first wash, but consistent washes every 1-2 months thereafter will not prevent your jeans from aging beautifully. We recommend hand laundering your jeans in COLD water (add some detergent if you like, just be sure to rinse it out thoroughly) and hang drying them. Dryers should be avoided at all costs as they are rough on clothing and may yield additional shrinkage. You'll experience some temporary shrinkage but on your first wear, the waist will stretch right back out to where it was before. 

Q: Can I request to have my jeans hemmed/tapered when ordering?

A: Unfortunately we don't currently offer any tailoring or alteration services at this time. We suggest finding a reputable local tailor to assist you in shortening or tapering your jeans.

Q: I need to exchange my jeans for another size. What should I do?

A: In your package, you should have received an exchange form that you can fill out with your information and desired style & size. Send your unworn jeans, with all tags still attached, back to us with the completed form and include $5 for return shipping. As soon as we receive your package, we'll send out your new jean.

Q: I want to return my jeans for a refund. What should I do?

A: Fill out the return form that was shipped along with your package and check the box marked 'Refund'. As soon as we receive your unworn jeans with all tags still attached, we'll issue a refund to your original payment source, minus the cost of shipping.


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