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Top 3s with Andy Mineo.

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Lyricists Dead or Alive:

My criteria will be listenability AND thoughtfulness. What good are lyrics if they’re boring or too overwhelming to listen to?

1. Jay-Z - A teacher.
2. Kendrick - A prophet.
3. Drake - I feel like I need to defend myself here 😂 Even before the ghost writers, he has always had a wittiness and emotional intelligence that I appreciate - a vulnerability and attention to details when describing people, places & interactions.

Theologians Dead or Alive:

1. Nature. Nothing else has given me a more profound understanding of God than observing the created world.
2. Madeleine L’Engle
3. CS Lewis

CS & Madeline took what they knew about God and communicated it through imaginative stories & “children's books.” The profound is simple. I would much rather contemplate God through a children's book than listen to the intellectual masturbation of most theologians.

Shoes to Hoop In:

The functional tech in hoop sneakers fascinates me. Such thoughtful design around movement, performance & aesthetic. That wall of shoes in any Footlocker is one of the most accessible art museums in the world.

1. The Lebron 10
2. The Jordan 31 w the flight plate technology
3. These new LaMelos are surprisingly good

Spots to Grub At in Washington Heights:

1. We must not speak of food in the heights until we mention the mecca of mangu: MALECON. This place is an institution. Get the rotisserie chicken, rice, beans, tostones (w mayo ketchup), maduros and finish it all with a tres leches. GOOD NIGHT.
2. Johnny's Pizza (now known as Palace) - A classic.
3. Estrellas on 207 - Their aged cast iron grill makes some fantastic chicken. 

Spots to Grub At in Atlanta:

1. Delbar - Persian spot owned by my buddy, Fares. The chinje (steak) and raisin rice will blow your dry fits clean off.
2. Gaja - a small Korean inspired spot with its secret entrance in an alleyway in East Atlanta Village. Interior design by one of my favorite agencies in Atlanta, Family Bros.
3. Pollo Primo - Chicken, LA style. Only a handful of menu items. It’s fast, cheap and delicious. Great with a group of friends.

There’s SO much good food in the A. But here’s a cheat code: eat anywhere that’s owned by Ford Fry and you can’t go wrong. 

Best Coffee Shops in Tokyo:

1. KOFFEE MAMEYA - Best described as a coffee laboratory. They curate coffees from all over the world and the menu changes constantly. The baristas literally serve you in lab coats.
2. Café de L’ambre - It’s moody, dark and retro. Looks like nothing's been updated since they opened (in a good way). Sit at the curved bar and watch baristas make wild drinks right in front of you. I had a coffee with an egg yolk in it and it was unreal.
3. Berth Coffee - Grab & go spot with very cool seating inside and pastries.

NBA Duos:

1. Mike & Scottie
2. Stockton & Malone
3. Klay & Steph

Artists You've Shared a Stage With:

1. Robert Glasper - We did a freestyle session together at Art Basel in Miami. He had Chris Daddy Dave on drums and Derrick Hodge on bass. All legends in their own right.
2. Jon Bellion - Great hangs and great fans. We did Terminal 5 in NY.
3. The Roots - I opened for them at Syracuse University one year. They came with Common & Jadakiss. A wild line up full of legends.

Rider Items:

I’m a fat kid at heart so I force myself to make my rider boring and healthy so I behave and eliminate temptation.

1. Water
2. Fruit
3. Jerky

Venues You've Performed At:

This is hard after 10 years of touring. Here’s some that left a huge impression on me (big and small).

1. Waagenbau in Hamburg - It looks like a sewer from a Ninja Turtles movie. Also looks like Blade could have been filmed there. Graffiti on every inch of every room. Grimey, low lighting, tiny stages.
2. The Wiltern in LA
3. The 02 in London - My first tour overseas I played here and it was still pretty new. 

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