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Good Art for 3sixteen's 20th.

A silver bracelet with a Jesus head medalliaon is worn on a wrist.

A diptych of a woman wearing a silver chain and bracelet with a Jesus head on it.

A silver curb chain with a Jesus head pendant around a woman's neck.

A diptych of a woman wearing a silver chain with a Jesus pendant on it.

A woman stands in front of a red wall wearing a silver chain with a Jesus pendant on it.

Photos: Darren Vargas

We close out our 20th anniversary celebration with a very special project with our friends at Good Art. Our last collaboration featured an over-the-top interpretation of a classic NYC staple, the cuban link - done in a way that only Josh Warner could; for this occasion, we decided to turn our attention to the west coast. This capsule is inspired by traditional East Los Angeles religious jewelry that our internal team members wear regularly. The iconic Our Lady of Guadalupe oval pendant, often worn on a thin gold chain, served as the base for an original Jesus portrait motif with radiant lines emerging from the center. Unlike traditional religious pendants that are stamped from a single sheet (for speed and cost reasons), these pendants are all individually cast and finished by hand. In typical IYKYK fashion, Josh added a slight concave effect to the back of the charm as a nod to the original stamped versions. This pendant is paired with Good Art’s 4A curb chain, the thinnest one in their lineup. Good Art has spent months setting up and dialing in a machine that is able to precisely produce these delicate chains in house. The machine forms the links from silver wire that is also drawn out in house so that the entire chain is truly made from start to finish in their downtown LA foundry.

The bracelet is a bit of a hybrid insomuch as it features the cuban links from our previous collaboration. These links are only available on 3sixteen collaborative projects; Good Art does not produce the cuban link for their in-line offerings. The ingenious spring closure disguised as a faux box & tongue remains, but this version now features a rosette motif on the “tongue” portion. The Jesus portrait charm is prominently featured at the middle of the bracelet.

The “Jesus Peace” bracelet and the Pendant with Curb Chain 4A release tomorrow, January 25th, online via and in store via our NY & LA flagships exclusively.

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