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2023 Year in Review.

2023 Year in Review.
A group of men and women outside the 3sixteen store.
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We won’t spend too much time covering our 20th anniversary in this year end wrap up post because we’ve been talking about it all year long. 2023 brought a slew of collaborations and special projects, a bowling capsule and LA event, a wine, a pop up cafe concept in NYC, art shows, book readings…. it even birthed a podcast. This year has easily been our busiest and has stretched us to our limits both personally and professionally, but it has also been the most rewarding. In many ways, this year has taught us that after two decades, there’s still room to aim higher. This past week has given us some much needed time to rest and recharge but there is so much to get back to in January. We can’t wait.

We asked Dan to shoot this photo in October in anticipation of our end of year post, but it’s already outdated because Rocky joined our team shortly after. It bears mentioning that your support of our brand goes directly towards the livelihoods of a small but growing team that cares a lot about what we do and - perhaps more importantly - how we do it. Whether we interacted with you this year in person at our stores or chatted with you via DMs and emails,  our hope is that you got a genuine sense of how much we care about what we do here at 3sixteen. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you this year and every year. We appreciate it deeply.

To close things out, we thought that it would be nice for some members of our team to stop and reflect on the experiences, memories, purchases, music, and art that brought us joy this past year. 

We’ll see you in 2024.

Rocks in Utah.

Wesley Scott

Hiking in Utah: My wife and I went with a friend to Utah to hike for a few days and it was honestly the highlight of the year. We went repelled through some canyons, climbed some insane hikes, and honestly just got to relax in some of the most beautiful nature in the world.

Headache - The Head Hurts but the Heart Knows the Truth: I could have picked any number of albums this year. There were so many amazing albums that released, but this is one that has been on constant repeat. It’s a bit of an odd album; Vegyn produced all the tracks and somebody named Francis Hornsby Clark supposedly wrote the lyrics, but I’m not even sure if this guys is real - the voice definitely sounds AI generated. But it’s great: surreal, absurdist lyrics laid over some mesmerizing production that you can lose yourself in. It reminds me a lot of the old Blue Jam Monologues on BBC (look them up).

Leviathan by Paul Auster: I’ve been working my way through Paul Auster’s entire oeuvre over the past couple years and I’ve loved everything so far, even his films which many aren’t fond of, but this book really stuck with me. I read it in the beginning of the year and I still think about it probably every week. I pull it off the shelf frequently just to read a few pages here and there. I think it’s about time for a reread.

Seeing Tim Hecker in Toronto: Tim Hecker released a phenomenal album this year (No Highs) and did a small tour, but unfortunately not in NYC. So, my buddy and I found some cheap flights and an inexpensive hotel in Toronto and trekked up there to see him play in a small club. It was completely worth it and a great excuse to get out of NY for a weekend.

Beau is Afraid: I enjoyed a lot of movies that were released this year but this one stuck with me most. Most people I knew didn’t care for this, which I understand, but it checked with me. Ari Aster let it all loose in this. Most exciting was the fact that an absolutely insane, totally abstract film could get such a big marketing campaign and press push- hopefully there’s more of that next year.

Johan sitting on a wooden box.

Johan Lam

Thai Taco Tuesday at Anajak Thai: Anajak Thai rose to prominence in recent years after Justin Pichetrungsi took over the restaurant that his parents had operated for decades. On Tuesday nights, they spill out into the alleyway next to the restaurant, serving tostadas and tacos along with classic Thai fare, with lines wrapping around the block to get a seat at one of the foldable tables. This was one of the most delicious and memorable meals I had all year and I can’t wait to go back.

Plain English podcast by Derek Thompson: My favorite podcast, covering complicated but important current events in a super thorough and nuanced way, while clearly explaining the history and context behind the topic. A must listen twice a week whenever a new episode drops.

Buzz Rickson 1942 Early Military Wide Leg Chinos: I bought these repros of US Army M43036 pants from Self Edge earlier this year and have reached for them a ton when getting dressed in the morning. The fabric is tightly woven with a bit of sheen, and the cut tapers at the hips and waist before bellowing out into a super wide leg. Very comfortable, very durable, very cool.

Magic Mind: Sometimes, I get suckered by IG ads. I ordered this one late night, half asleep and started drinking one each morning after my coffee. Does it work? Who knows. Does it taste good? Kinda. But I will say that I have gotten sick less often and less severely from my petri dishes for sons this cold and flu season.

The Bear, Season 2, Episode 7 ‘Forks’: The whole season was fantastic but I especially enjoyed and found myself wanting to rewatch episode 7, entitled ‘Forks’. Though I’ve always wanted to, I’ve never worked in food service, so this emphasis on hospitality and customer focus is an ethos that we aim to bring to our brand.

Ceviche on a plate

Sebastian Vroman-Nell

Mariscos El Submarino: I tried this spot in Jackson Heights back in August when some friends were in town. We tried the aguachile negro, pulpo tostada, and my personal favorite - the ceviche. If you find yourself in Jackson Heights, I highly recommend it.

The Elephant Man’s Bones - Roc Marciano & The Alchemist: This technically released in late December of 2022 but the deluxe came out this year so I think it still counts. The Alchemist’s production and Roc Marciano’s flow are a perfect combo and does not disappoint. I’d say Quantum Leap and JJ Flash are the standout tracks for me.

William Gibson Chinos: Wesley put me on to these earlier this year and to no surprise they’ve been in heavy rotation and will continue to be in 2024. The versatile 40’s cut looks great with just about everything too. Thanks Wes!

Indoor Hoops: I play a lot of pickup basketball in my free time and when I first moved to NY it was tough to find a consistent run like I had back home. In January I came across this site that will rent out gyms around the city and you just pick a time/place and go. It’s super convenient and I’ve met some great people as a result.

A man and his dog.

Brandon Daconceicao

990 V6: I waited a long time for the release of the 990 v6 and it was well worth all of the build up. I really didn’t think they could improve after the v5, but NB knocked it out of the park.

Jump Rope: I’m going on my second year of skipping rope and these ropes have been by far my favorite. They’re well priced and very simple.

Grocery Getter Mini: These are pretty much the only shorts I wore in the summer and Goodfight did a great job with their attention to detail. The extra pocket for your cell phone in the hand pockets is such a great touch.

My Dog Smoke: I’ve been wanting a dog in my life for quite some time and we finally made a move and couldn’t be happier with the addition to our family.

Mephisto Match: This is a shoe I’ve been meaning to try for a while... the price always threw me off, but after wearing them consistently I am happy to report that they are worth every penny.

A photo of a beach.

Jacques Baudoin

Panzon: I found out about this restaurant through Saint Urban, a creative agency I follow on Instagram. The art direction looked fun and made me interested in checking it out. Since that first visit, I’ve gone back about multiple times and it’s become one of my favorite restaurants in NY. I highly suggest getting the Torta de Chilaquiles and a Hibiscus Spritz.

Adidas Mundial Team: Growing up this is what my coaches wore, they would talk about the quality and comfort of them compared to whatever new cleats were popular at the time. I brushed them off, thinking it was an old-school thing to say. This year, after some injuries, I finally tried them out and discovered I was 100% wrong about them. They’re the best and don’t see myself trying something different any time soon.

Father John Misty Live at the Capital Theater: Probably one of the best concerts I’ve been to. It was my first time seeing Father John Misty live and it was an amazing experience. The band sounded great together and he did an acoustic encore of older songs. It was also in the Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY. A beautiful and legendary venue.

NYC Ferry to Rockaway Beach: I used to live in Two Bridges right by the waterfront. One day I was walking around and found there was a ferry stop right near me. I took full advantage of this, taking day trips to Rockaway on my days off to skate and relax on the beach.

Hal’s New York Seltzers: Best drink out there. Giant Apple, Fruit Punch, and Black Cherry are my top 3.

Bottles of wine in a case.

Roland Torres

February 7th, 2023: Can’t believe I was lucky enough to see Lebron break the scoring record at Crypto. Don’t know if I’ll see something like that again but I’m grateful to have seen it where so many historical moments have already happened. Go Lakers.

Rue Saint-Honoré spray and candle: This fragrance is made in honor of the proprietary scent in the from one of the greatest shops to ever be, Colette. I can’t get enough of this smell, I keep candles in the house and spray in my car. Happy that Lola James was able to pay homage and releasing this scent to have in my spaces.

DJ Premier at the Latin Grammys: Feid brought out Premo to the Latin Grammys. I was watching and this was just a great surprise to see. This made me happy.

Radiooooo app: This app lets you find music from any country and any decade or genre. This has really took over my car listening and helped me find a lot of good music that is new to me. I have barely cracked the surface with the options on this.

Les Vingt Homage x 3sixteen natural wine: Matt Garcia (owner of Homage) was nice enough to let me/us produce one of the first natural wines they made. It’s delicious and I look forward to what comes next. I love Homage and everything that they do and I’ll always rep for them!

A selfie of a man and his son.

Andrew Chen

Ayla: After wanting a dog for many years now, our family finally took the plunge and adopted Ayla this summer. She quickly endeared herself to us and life without her is now very hard to imagine. There are certain things about pet ownership that you just don’t understand until you’re in it; the joy and healing they bring to us is truly beyond words. We're also pretty good to her, ngl.

Running: This year marks my first full year of running and it’s been transformative in so many ways. I’ve built community and made new friends, I’ve formed connections in the industry, and most importantly - I’ve gotten healthier and stronger. Growing up I swore that I would never run “for fun” because what’s the point but this past year, I think I finally figured it out. 2023 was a tough one for me and having running to lean on as a physical and mental outlet has truly been a lifeline. Setting tangible goals and checking them off one by one has been really special too. It’s nice to see that this old dog really can still learn some new tricks.

Live concerts: I had the good fortune of going to several concerts this past year. I could share about Yussef Dayes shredding it at Blue Note, the intense amounts of male pattern baldness I witnessed at the Kings of Convenience show, or how I bought tickets to a post-punk band called French Police only to realize that the show started at 11:30pm which is way past my bedtime so I waffled on whether I would go for the entire week even leading up until the evening of the show itself, and when I finally went I was the third oldest guy in a hot and sweaty room amongst a horde of Mexican goths and had an absolutely incredible time and was reminded that it’s ok to stay up late and do fun things by myself. But instead I’ll share about Arthur Verocai playing a show at Lincoln Center this summer with a full orchestra (if you're not familiar with him or his music, this is a good read). I went with my son and together we were absolutely entranced by the fullness, the weight, and the emotionality of a performance that would likely never happen again. Attending the concert was incredible, but watching my son drink every aspect of it in was the best part. It’s a night I will never forget.

Wilson’s: While quite exhausting, the month we spent this fall serving coffee out of our concept cafe - Wilson’s - was incredibly rewarding. It was a place for Johan and I to finally explore what a cafe would look like if we opened one to our standards, and I think we succeeeded. We worked with the best, we hired the best, and we served some really delicious drinks all month long. There was an inordinate amount of rain in NYC that month but there were a few pockets where our doors were wide open, people were in the shop buying things, friends were outside on the bench hanging out and catching up, the sun was shining - and it was everything I had hoped for. Something that surprised me was how so many friends of mine and Wilson’s came by the cafe and inevitably ended up sharing stories about who he was and what he meant to them. I didn’t expect the cafe to be a place where Wilson would be remembered in such a tangible way. I was very thankful for it.

A picturesque view of a park.

Gabe Del Signore

Spiritual Cramp - Spiritual Cramp: I saw my friend Sean’s band (@newyorkglom on IG) open for Spiritual Cramp at Union Pool in October, and their recent full length has been on repeat ever since. Super tight Bay Area Post-Punk

Season of the Witch: Enchantment, Terror, and Deliverance in the City of Love by David Talbot: Talbot chronicles the cultural and political climate of San Francisco from the Summer of Love through the mid 1980's, and I love how he paints an opposing and often surprising view of the hippie generation and the marks they left behind on the city.

Cherry Coke Zero: Eat a slice of pizza and drink a CCZ on the sidewalk on a 70ish degree day and try to tell me you have any real problems.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden: I used to live super close to Prospect Park and the garden, and since I’ve moved away I’ve missed them both a ton, but found myself making more trips back to the garden to aimlessly wander. Easily one of my favorite places to find some real solitude in the city.

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