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Style Profiles: Miguel Verano.

Style Profiles: ~ Miguel Verano.

Name: Miguel Verano
Age: 34
Profession: Store & Web Manager/Buyer, General Quarters
Shirt: SS19 Vacation Shirt

Style Profiles: ~ Miguel Verano.

I hail from…
Quezon City, Philippines.

I’m currently working on…
How to Water A Plant. More info soon!

My favorite meal is…
Japanese chicken curry! Extra spicy with a soft boiled egg.

Style Profiles: ~ Miguel Verano.

I collect…
Dragon Ball figurines and keychains. Random, I know, but I love finding new characters in the vending machines scattered throughout Tokyo.

The last thing I read was…
Chapter 51 of the Dragon Ball Super manga.

Presently, I'm listening to…
Little Brother's new album, May the Lord Watch. Back like they never left!

Style Profiles: ~ Miguel Verano.

The best way to unwind is…
Listening to music while cooking dinner for my girl. It gives me a chance to zone out and nothing gives me greater joy than seeing her with a happy tummy.

The last piece of advice given to me was…
Make time for yourself.

Style Profiles: ~ Miguel Verano.

One place I would love to visit is…
Italy, so I can eat all the cannolis!

In 20 years I hope to be…
Looking back and being happy with everything that's led me to where I'm at now.

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