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3sixteen for Blackstock & Weber.

3sixteen for Blackstock & Weber.
A man in denim jacket and jeans sits on a black leather chair.
A close up shot of a man wearing a blue denim jacket, jeans, and a sweatshirt tied around his waist.

Photos: Jeremy Mitchell

A year and a half after partnering with Blackstock & Weber on the Crepe Wedge Loafer, we are excited to announce a new collaboration project. It was time for us to return the favor; this time, it’s 3sixteen for Blackstock & Weber.

This project represents the first time that Blackstock & Weber is selling denim garments, which we designed and manufactured for them in our San Francisco factory. The base fabric is our beloved 100xk indigo Kibata loomstate denim that’s custom woven for us by Kuroki Mills but you'd never guess it based on the photos. We spent months working on a custom stonewash treatment to try and match a 10 year old pair of worn-in raw denim that Chris owned and we are thrilled with the end result. Besides the beautiful puckering and roping on the seams and the overall lighter color, this wash features a yellowish-brown tint that gives the garments a uniquely vintage look.

A man in a denim jacket and jorts stands on a white backgroud.
A detail shot of the back of a stonewashed denim jacket.

The jacket is a brand new silhouette that we were originally working on for own collection. About a year ago, Chris visited our design studio and saw it hanging on our sample rack and put it on right away. He loved it so much that he borrowed it for a Hypebeast photoshoot a month later, and soon afterwards he asked if we could include it in our upcoming collaboration. The Chore Jacket features vintage American workwear detailing, from the pointed cuff accents to the rounded patch pockets. We especially love the busted seam detail running up the back - after the wash, it leaves the same train tracks that you find on the outseam of selvedge jeans.

The jeans are built off our CT fit (Chris’ favorite) and carry all the same detailing that you find on our inline jeans, with the exception of the leather patch which is cut from the same CF Stead suede on our collaboration loafers. They feature our standard cotton heavy-duty pocketbags, trademark pocket stitch runoffs, and custom gunmetal YKK hardware. As fall - aka jorts & hoody season - is fast approaching, we decided to chop a pair to photograph how they’d look should you choose to go that route.

A man in a denim jacket and jeans sits in a black leather chair.
A man adjusts the cuffs on his jeans while showing some brown loafers.

And as to the question that so many customers have been asking over the past year and a half - yes, the loafers have returned. We’ve produced a second limited run of the Crepe Wedge Loafer with no design changes made. For those who are reading about them for the first time, they feature uppers crafted from a light brown suede from Charles F. Stead. It’s got a beautiful, soft and luxe hand with a small smooth-out detail on the heel for a little bit of contrast. The sole is a double-stacked 100% rubber crepe wedge that is flexible, comfortable and easy to wear from day one. The shoe is finished with Blackstock & Weber’s trademark bright yellow leather lining and cobranded gold foil heel stamps.

The 3sixteen for Blackstock & Weber Chore Jacket and CT jeans release exclusively via Blackstock & Weber’s website on Friday, September 15th. The Crepe Wedge Loafers release on Blackstock & Weber’s site and in our New York and LA flagship stores on the same day. We will release our allocation of the loafers online on Saturday, September 16th.

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