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Up Close: Fatigue Pants.

Up Close: Fatigue Pants.
Man leans against a vintage Mustang in a black jacket and camouflage pants
Man leans against a large planter in a black shirt and camouflage pants

At 3sixteen, we are relentlessly focused on details - those tiny differences that we hope make our pieces into one of the first things you look for in your closet when you get ready to face the day. While we try to make our webshop as informative as possible, not everything we love about certain pieces can be translated to a simple description.

The very best solution would be for you to come to our flagship store or visit one of our retail partners to see, touch, ask questions about, and try on a piece you're interested in. As powerful and wonderful as the Internet is, we strongly believe there is no substitute for an in-person experience. This isn't feasible or convenient for everybody though, so every now and again we'll be taking some time out to talk more about pieces that we think you'd love if you saw them up close.

When we set out to design a piece, we are very intentional about how to make it the best it can be. But sometimes it’s hard to tell just how it will work in the context of daily life. For all our sixteen years of experience, there’s that occasional piece that surprises even us once we truly put it to the test.

The fatigue pant is the latest to strike us in that way. We launched our first pair as part of our FW18 collection, and have found them to be tremendously useful and crazy comfortable - a combination that’s led it to it fast become an in-house favorite. If you’ve visited our flagship store, you may have seen one of our staff wearing them. On several occasions, customers have seen them worn and gotten curious enough to try them on; and once they did, they knew what we know. So what’s the secret?

A top block shot of the camouflage pants against a wall of greenery
Man in camouflage pants walks away

Military OG-107 fatigue pants traditionally have a full cut through the entire leg. When we tweaked the fit to make it ours, we wanted to preserve the roominess of the silhouette while modernizing it; we did this by preserving the roomy top block and combining it with a slight taper from the knee down. The pants have a high rise, so you can also size up for a more traditional street look. For FW19, we added an elastic cinch to the bottom that allows the wearer to tighten up the hem so that the pants can stack well. They’re so versatile that three members of our team once got together and suddenly realized that all of us were wearing the same fatigues, but each in our own way.

We’re also really proud of the back pockets. There's an addition of a slight gusset - not so much that it sags, but enough to add a little room to whatever you want to put back there. Whether a wallet, phone, or something else, you’ll find that the pockets naturally give way ever so much when you sit down, relieving stress on both your body and whatever you’ve stashed there. It’s our version of engineered comfort, and just to be extra sure that everything stays in place, there’s a button-down flap.

Bottoms-only shot of the camouflage pants stacked on some white Viberg sneakers.
Bottoms shot of the fatigue pants.

One thing we love about the tiger stripe fabric that's on our FW19 fatigue pant is how hefty it is. It's an olive twill that is woven and printed in Japan and is far beefier than any of the vintage tiger stripes in our personal archives. We especially love that the pattern is printed black on an olive base, meaning that over time, the colors will fade and meld together just like a washed-out vintage piece.

Because we want you to have a chance to see and appreciate the Fatigue Pants in person, for this weekend only we are offering free domestic returns on this piece. Place an order for one before Monday (11/25), and if you're not in love with it when you receive it, email us at and we'll generate a return shipping label for you to send the order back at no cost to you. 

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