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Top 3s with Jaymie Lao.

A girl in an olive puffy vest kneels on the ground.

Top 3 Discontinued GGET Items:
1. Mung Bean Pancake (Ingredients: pickled beets, shallots, scallions, garlic, pickled beet juice, tamari, olive oil, water, rice flour, mung bean flour, cayenne) This dish made its debut at our Los Feliz location in 2016, in a kitchen filled with some of my favorite culinary folks: Justin Dauz, Marilei Denila, and Ria Dolly Barbosa. It reminds me of pajeon and any time I've had it I've been tempted to dip it in some spicy vinegar like an ukoy fritter!

2. Coconut Sweet Potato Drink (Ingredients: milk, Okinawan sweet potatoes, coconut cream, filtered water) Basically like a taro milk tea! This was only served seasonally at G&B at Grand Central Market starting in late 2015, discontinued at the end of the season, and then became the base of a few future GGET holiday drinks for the one day a year we'd have em on the menu.

3. Adobo Grain Bowl (Ingredients: rice, garlic, bay leaf, black pepper, brown sugar, tamari, rice wine vinegar, egg, dilis, crispy kale, cucumber, oyster mushrooms) I love adobo and I love rice.

Top 3 Coffee Drinks:
1. A Filter Coffee brewed on a discontinued Fetco
2. An Iced Americano to go at the end of a shift
3. A Single Cappuccino made in a friend's living room 

Top 3 Kpop Artists:
1. 방탄소년단 (BTS) duh.
2. MAMAMOO Every person in this group is talented and has a solid solo project under their belt!
3. Uhm Jung Hwa Incredible 25+ year career. Google her. 

Top 3 K Dramas:
1. Goblin: Cursed 939-year-old warrior general with a sword stuck in his chest cannot die until he finds his bride to pull it out to end his tragic immortality.
2. Reply 1988:  Five super close friends grow up together in a small neighborhood in Seoul in the late 80s, life ensues.
3. Coffee Prince: Set in a now iconic coffee shop, a spoiled man who's never worked a day his life has to take over an out of sorts coffee shop to show his grandmother he's got what it takes to run the family business, falls in love with a coworker (that old story).

Top 3 Places to hang with your dog (Wrathbone):
1. On the couch, him in my legpit
2. In Palm Springs, lying by the pool
3. On a friend's porch, him chased around by a young girl

Top 3 R&B Albums:
1. Marvin Gaye - I Want You (1976) transcendent
2. Frank Ocean - Channel Orange (2012) transformational
3. SZA - Ctrl (2017) truthful

Top 3 Live-Action Anime/Manga Adaptations:
1. Crows Zero
2. Rurouni Kenshin
3. Detective Pikachu (There really aren't a lot of good live-action anime adaptations

Top 3 Celebrity Crushes:
1. Alan Alda
2. Sade
3. Dan Stevens

Top 3 Shows to Binge-Watch:
1. Insecure
2. High Fidelity
3. Succession 

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