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Top 3s with Caleb Lin.

A man in a baseball hat and all black outfit sits on a wooden stool.

Four stylish asians and a dog pose in front of a green backdrop.

Photos: June Kim

Brands carried at El Mercado:
1. 3sixteen
2. Foreign Family
3. Crooks & Castles

Current NBA players you’d like to see in Goodfight:
1. Stephen Curry
2. Stephen Curry
3. Stephen Curry

Songs to sing at karaoke:
1. Back At One - Brian McKnight
2. By Your Side - Sade
3. Hoobastank - The Reason

Restaurants in LA:

Top 3 in no particular order, these are my go-to's according to mood: Kato, Otafuku, Badmaash. ;-)

Coffee Shops in LA:

1. Maru
2. Mandarin Coffee Stand
3. Cafe Dulce

Vans Models:

1. OG LX 93
2. Authentic
3. Classic Slip-On

Knicks players (all time):

1. Patrick Ewing
2. Walt Frazier
3. Bernard King

Dream collaborations:

1. Frank Ocean
2. Barry Jenkins
3. Toyota

Brands you would revive:

1. Nom de Guerre
2. Proper Gang
3. Kolor

People who inspire you:

1. My wife, Christina Chou
2. Keanu Reeves
3. My friends

Celebrity sightings at OC/American Rag:

1. Frank Ocean - This was when Frank was still a faceless rumor on the internet, with only a few images floating around of him on Tumblr. Usher had just been in the shop the day before and was singing along (natural harmony, wild talent, they don't make 'em the same anymore) and had asked who it was. Frank was in his Sidian Ersatz & Vanes moment and I stopped him on the stairs and asked, "Hey, are you Frank Ocean?" He was super nice about it and said yes. I told him about Usher and he was genuinely geeked. What a cool moment.
2. Shannyn Sossamon - I had the hugest crush on her coming out of college. I almost ran her over rounding the stairwell corner in OC and she had the cutest reaction.
3. Charlie Hunnam - Cool as fuck. Doesn't want to be bothered, but man. Fuckin' Jax Teller.

Groceries to get in Grocery Getters:

1. Beer
2. Wine
3. Shin Ramyun

Benefits of having your own brand:

1. Work with people you love.
2. Don't work with people who are shitty.
3. There's no feeling like creating something and then watching someone you don't know interact with it - be it clothes, music, etc.

Comfort foods:

1. Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup
2. Soon Dubu
3. NY Slice

Reasons to be a KC Chiefs fan:

1. Team Culture - listen to Pat or Travis talking to their teammates on the sidelines and you'll know what great leadership looks like.
2. Andy Reid State Farm commercials.
3. The conversations & connections you get to have with people you otherwise would never talk to. Sports, hobbies, food, and art brings people together and that's the most amazing thing.

Dream stores to be carried in

1. Goodfight New York
2. Goodfight Tokyo
3. Goodfight London

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