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The Self Edge Suffused Collection.

The Self Edge Suffused Collection.

An up close photo of overdyed black denim on a concrete floor.

A diptych of a man in an overdyed black tshirt.

A collage of photos of a hoody on floor, on model and a thermal on the floor.

A man wears a grey hoodie and black denim.

An up close photo of a grey tee.

Two images of overdyed black jeans on the floor.

A diptych of a grey thermal on the floor and worn on a model.

Photos: Joe Chin

Our final release of 2020 comes in the form of a capsule collection with Self Edge, our longest standing retail partner. We’ve been working on the Suffused Collection with Kiya for the past six months and began conceptualizing what it’d look like during the middle of COVID-19 lockdowns; given all of the production hurdles that have arisen, we count ourselves fortunate to be able to launch it this year. Kiya chose some of our best selling silhouettes to include in this capsule: our French Terry Pullover Hoody, Heavyweight Pocket Tee, Thermal Crewneck, and NT-100x jeans. Each piece has been garment dyed to a faded charcoal color with slight red undertones reminiscent of rust - we went through several rounds of lab dips to get the hues just right. The color is called “Aphotic Anthracite” to represent how the inconsistent color from the garment dye almost looks like water damage (in a good way). While the three tops began in various undyed shades, the jeans feature our flagship 14.5oz raw indigo selvedge denim so they accepted the garment dye differently and feature a more saturated hue with lots of color complexity up close. We especially love how the wash process brings out blue highlights underneath the overdyed charcoal color, and how the goldenrod stitching is now slightly muted.

Although our Heavyweight Tees and Thermals typically exhibit a good amount of shrinkage on their first wash, this garment dye has effectively acted like a hot wash on them. The denim is sanforized and what little shrinkage would have come on their initial wash has also been removed - but what’s really special about the jeans now is their softer, broken-in hand and the fact that they’ll age differently than standard blue jeans. Overdyed denim starts out black from afar but the blues peeking through give an idea as to how the unstable black dye will reveal what’s underneath as the jeans are worn.

All four styles from the Suffused Collection are now available exclusively via Self Edge’s five retail stores (SF/NY/LA/PDX/MX) and their online store. You can see more photos and pricing information on Self Edge’s website.

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