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Tencel Pack.

Tencel Pack.

A triptych of a man in flowy grey shirts and pants.

A man adjusts the collar of a drapey grey shirt against a white curtain backdrop.

A man in a tan shiirt and pants sits on a stool against white curtains.

A closer look at the fabric on the tan shirt and pants.

Four photos of a man in a drapey tan shirt and drawstring pants.

A diptych of a man in a grey shirt and pants.

A hazy soft focus photo of a man putting on a tan shirt.

A man drapes a tan shirt over his shoulder and looks down.

This Friday, our Tencel Pack launches on alongside the French Blue Worksuit that we posted about last week. This release consists of three pieces that are crafted of a beautiful Japanese Tencel blend: Baseball Shirts, Mechanic Shirts, and Drawstring Pants.

Tencel is a type of lyocell, a wood-based cellulose fiber that we’ve used in our collection before. It’s something of a miracle fiber in that it’s grown and manufactured in a closed-loop system with minimal impact on the environment and low water usage. The eucalyptus tree that it’s harvested from doesn’t need irrigation or pesticides, it grows quickly, and is only grown on otherwise unfit land. As a brand that is looking for ways to act more responsibly, we hope that choosing to implement fibers like Tencel into our range and taking the time to talk about it will lead to greater interest from both the industry and customers.

Performance-wise, Tencel offers antimicrobial properties and excellent temperature regulation. While on the surface this fabric looks simple, it’s really quite special. For the lyocell, we opted to use Tencel from the manufacturer Lenzig due to their stringent focus on sustainable sourcing and production. The Tencel was then woven in Japan with cotton and linen to add some heft, a slightly more stable hand feel, and a matte finish. The result is a soft, silky fabric that’s perfect for the warm weather. It drapes well, breathes well, and is luxurious against the skin. 

A fabric like Tencel might seem out of place for a brand that specializes in raw denim and hefty canvases, but we see these pieces as a perfect complement to some of the heartier fabrics in your wardrobe. They’re not meant to replace HBT workshirts or heavyweight jeans; instead, they can be worn together with, or in place of, some of these tougher garments. Our hope is that in the seasons to come, we can play a part in widening the perspective of what a durable, hard-wearing garment can look and feel like. Experiencing these Tencel pieces from us will hopefully be a start to that.

Look for all three styles to launch on this Friday, April 23rd, at noon EDT.

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