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Style Profiles: Dylan Hughes.

Man with tattoos wearing a short sleeve button down shirt

Photos: Alec Campbell

Name: Dylan Hughes (@filitor__)
Age: 24
Profession: Return-top aficionado
Pants: French Blue Back Satin Fatigues & Olive Chinos

White shirt with olive chinos

I hail from…
California's Central Coast (Atascadero).

I’m currently working on…
writing more about clothes I like and learning my friend Alec's yo-yo tricks.

My favorite meal is…
a feast from Forever Taste, Spicy Village, or Wu's Wonton.

Man walking with blue jacket

I collect…
yo-yos, vintage garments, and tattoos.

The last thing I read was…
"All About Love" by Bell Hooks, reading "Just Kids" by Patti Smith currently.

Presently, I’m listening to…
the "Blank Check" podcast and soundtracks from my favorite movies.

Blue fatigue pants

The best way to unwind is…
going into your version of "low power mode." For me, that's been throwing a yo-yo followed by sitting down with an easily rewatchable movie (Boogie Nights most recently).

The last piece of advice given to me was…
remember what the Buddha said: "Take the middle path."

Man with sunglasses and blue jacket

One place I would love to visit is…
Okayama, Japan or Mykonos, Greece.

In 20 years I hope to be…
wearing some of the same clothes around the same friends. 

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