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New & Improved Heavyweight T-Shirts.

A close up shot of the collar of a white tee.
A photo of 6 men and women in white tees against a beige background.
A diptych of a woman and a man in white tees against a beige background.
A close up shot of a handsome man in a white tshirt and blue jeans.
A diptych of young men in white tees against a beige background.
A closeup shot of a woman in a white tee
Young men in white tees stand before a tan background.
A close up portrait of an extremely handsome man.
Photos of handsome men in white tees.

Photos: Julian Berman

For almost a decade, our Heavyweight T-shirts have been a 3sixteen staple and one of the best-selling products in our core collection. While we know that many customers have become acquainted with our brand via our denim, there are probably an equal amount of you who came to us first through our t-shirts. They've remained unchanged this entire time: sold in 2-packs like vintage undershirts used to be, constructed with our triple-needle coverstitch “never sag” collar, and fully cut and sewn in the same factory in San Francisco that constructs our jeans. The fabric is a heavyweight 260gsm jersey custom knit to our exact specifications by Roopa Knitting Mills, who we've worked with for over 15 years now. We believe Roopa to be one of the best knitting mills in the world and they’re responsible for producing our entire Heavyweight Fleece lineups as well as our French Terry sweats. In 2017, they were named by the Wall Street Journal as the best t-shirt in the mid price tier in their evaluation of over 50 styles.

Despite their popularity over the years, we’ve been looking for solutions to improve the garments and make the fabric more stable without adding to the cost of production. After extensive testing, we've worked with Roopa to develop a new version of our signature heavyweight jersey that has the same weight and hand feel - but unlike before, the fabric is tubular knit and then laundered, removing almost all shrinkage from the fabric. Once washed, the jersey is then cut and sewn into t-shirts using the same construction details that you know and love. The fit has been slightly modified to fit a bit roomier straight out of the gate than our previous version, but the real difference is that the t-shirt no longer shrinks on the first wash as it did before.

For those of you who’ve grown accustomed to sizing up from your usual size when purchasing our tees, we suggest checking the updated measurements carefully before making your new selection - hopefully, you can now take the same size in our tees that you do in all the rest of the tops we make. Moving forward, all future production runs will be using this new version of the jersey. Our hope is that it will now be much easier to find the right size, knowing that your t-shirts will fit the same from your first wear to your last.

We photographed our LA team in our new tees to showcase the many ways they can be sized and worn. We’ve got different heights, weights, body types and personal styles represented here, and our hope is that it’s helpful for you to be able to see them all in one place. They’re available starting today in-store, online and via your favorite retailer in our four standard colors: Black, White, Heather Grey and Indigo. 

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