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Side Zip Service Boots.

Side Zip Service Boots.

Two feet dangle freely while encased in Viberg Service Boots in a waxy navy roughout leather.

Hands tie the shoelaces of the boots and then the subsequently tied boots hang off a ledge.

Hands continue to adjust the laces of the Viberg service boot.

The boots sit perched on a wooden block as natural light streams in from the right.

Two feet wearing the boots over a ledge are crossed, showing off the nickel side zipper on the inside of the boot.

Our 15y collaboration boots with Viberg have finally arrived in our warehouse, so we took the opportunity to shoot a few photos to give you a better idea of what they look like on foot. The boot features the 2040 last, which is one of our favorites because it gives that sleek silhouette that many love from the 2030 combined with a more forgiving forefoot width. It's based on the classic Munson last and accommodates a wider range of foot shapes than the 2030. The leather is a beautiful heavily oiled leather called Chamois from Horween which we've chosen to flip to the roughout side; the color is a deep, rich navy color called Petrol that looks black from some angles. We've paired it with a sand-colored 2060 wedge sole from Vibram and as a final touch, we added a T5 Superlampo zipper to the wearer's inner panel and utilized nickel eyelet hardware to match it.

For those of you who've yet to try a side zip boot, we find it to be a detail that is not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Instead of untying and loosening the laces on the boots each time you want to take them off, the side zip turns it into a fairly quick task. Putting them on is as simple as sliding your foot in, utilizing the pull loop by the heel, and zipping them back up. The Lampo zipper that Viberg uses on their boots is made in Italy to the highest standards, and is something you'd usually find on top tier handbags and outerwear, which is to say that it will withstand years of continued use and abuse. As always, each Viberg boot is made in house in their third generation workboot factory in Victoria, BC and is finished by hand by Glen Viberg himself.

Our 15y Service Boot by Viberg is a one-time run and will not be restocked. Many thanks to Ryan, Guy, and Brett for their continued partnership - we are thankful to be able to work with them on special projects like this one.