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Favorites: Waxed Canvas Baseball Cap

A waxed canvas baseball cap held in hand.
A man wears a worn-in baseball cap against a grey security gate.
A diptych of a man in a baseball cap in front of a gate and a detail shot of the hat.
A closeup shot of a worn-in faded blue cap.
A diptych of a man in a baseball cap alongside a white column

"Favorites" is a new series of posts where we reach out to friends of the brand to ask them about about their favorite 3sixteen piece - something they've worn extensively over the years. Today we have our good friend Anton Anger (@antonanger) and his trusty Navy Waxed Canvas Baseball Cap.

It’s a good blue hat. I wear it in the rain, while I am working or building things, in the sun. My daughter has this joke where she takes the hat off my head and throws it to the ground over and over. All of this has taken its toll on the hat, it is super expressive of its life use. The depth of color and visual richness is mottled and faded, like tie dye that took years to build up. This visual interest makes me want to wear it even more, which in turn continues its breaking in - accelerating its entropic march. 

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