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Bucket Hats.

Bucket Hats.

Three bucket hats sit on a table.

A couple years ago, we introduced the bucket hat to our headwear offerings. It was hard to resist - they’re one of those styles that’s instantly recognizable, yet easy to mix up however you choose. While we still love our caps, these bring something different to the table that we think is worth taking a moment to talk about.

Like a lot of what we do, the bucket hat has its roots in the functional clothes people have worn while they’re working - in this case, it’s said to have originated with farmers and fishermen in Ireland, where its circular brim offered protection from the rain. But that’s just a start to its versatility - the same brim offers protection from the sun, too. It’s also one of the most practical hats you can own - easy enough to fold in half and stick in your pocket until a storm comes through, or throw into a weekend bag - which is why some people call them crusher hats. And all this utility doesn’t come at a loss of style.

The bucket hat was famously embraced by 80s hip-hop artists - it was as key to Run DMC’s look as their Adidas shelltoes, and LL Cool J alone made the Kangol version a must for millions of fans back in the day. Across the pond, it was part of terrace culture in the 80s - the street youth culture centered around UK football matches and sportswear - and popularized by bands like the Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, and Oasis. If you see a vintage photo of one of those bands, chances are you’ll spot one, too.

That might be what we love most about the bucket hat - it’s a versatile, functional hat that can be, and has been, worn by people from many different walks of life - whether in the Irish countryside, English football stadiums, or the streets and stages in the Bronx. This season, we’ve made them in the US from an all-purpose 9 oz herringbone twill that is sturdy enough for cooler temps but will work well year around, for wherever your day will take you.

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