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Black Liberation.

Black Liberation.

Jon Moy is a freelance writer based in Detroit. He’s written about a lot of things, but mostly about fashion. He’s just happy to be here. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @moybien1212.

This week’s newsletter is an echo of a refrain that White and non-Black people cannot and must not stop repeating until Black people are free.

Open our purses. Actively work to redress our own privileges. Listen to Black people. Support Black businesses. Fund Black joy.

There can be no centering of our own relative pain suffered at the hands of systemic power. There is no true analogue. At least Vincent Chin got a historical marker. At least the Japanese-Americans and their children locked away in camps got twenty thousand dollars and a Civil Liberties Act.

Admit our guilt. Realize that these digital indulgences will never help us address the sin of our complicity if we don’t act upon the fact that we are beneficiaries of a corrupt and immoral system.

There’s nothing more to say here. There is no return to normal. There is no freedom, no equality, without Black Liberation.

3sixteen and I have decided to use my freelance check this month to donate to Color of Change, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, PatiasFantasyWorld, and Ms. Rprsntd. I think it’s important to show the concrete steps we are taking to help. It’s imperative to give not only symbolic but financial support to the cause. I wouldn’t be in the position I am without the relative privileges afforded to me by systemic racism in American society. 

Defund the police. Advocate for Reparations. Donate. Listen to and amplify Black voices. Redistribute funds we obtain from our privilege to support Black businesses. Protect Black lives.

Black Liberation by all means.

For more resources and information, check out The Fantasy World Master List of Resources on How to Dismantle Systemic Racism.

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