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Big Oxfords.

A man in a black oxford puts his hands into his pant pockets.
A man in a blue shirt over a white tshirt stands in front of a steel gate.
A diptych of a man in a black oxford shirt and tan pants standing on a rainy street.
A man in a white shirt with a white umbrella.
A man in a blue shirt over a white tshirt stands in front of a steel gate.
A man in a black oxford and tan pants stands on a rainy street.
A man in a white oxford and white umbrella stands among a sea of other umbrellas.


Whenever we sit down to design something, we know that it’s not enough to replicate a classic design and send it to market. Whether it’s the fabric, the trims, the fit, or the detailing, something has to shine and give reason for this garment to exist; we’re not in the business of making product for product’s sake. Our design process often references classic silhouettes that we then update for modern wear, whether by adding subtle but intentional details or through considered fit modifications. You’ll notice that all of our best selling products follow this same formula: our jeans, our Type 3s jacket, and our Crosscut Flannel.

There’s no product in the FW23 lineup that better illustrates this design philosophy than the Big Oxford. At face value, it’s a simple button down collar Oxford shirt but a closer look will reveal the details. We’ll start with the fabric: it’s a densely woven, super beefy Oxford cloth that’s been given a garment dye for a lived-in feel. It’s the kind of hefty fabric that, like denim, wears in and ages beautifully over time. The buttons are a double thickness Mother of Pearl to match the weight of the self fabric. But the central design detail, and our reason for the shirt’s creation, is the fit. The silhouette is cut extra wide through the body with a dropped shoulder whereas the sleeve and body lengths have been shortened to hit exactly where they should. The result is the comfort of an oversized shirt without the look of a shirt that’s two sizes too big.

We were inspired by shirting in the 80’s and 90’s that had an elegance in their ease and slouch with just enough billow and droop. But these shirts weren’t perfect; they often had stacked sleeves with low armholes and a length that necessitated a tuck. Once you put our Big Oxford on you’ll immediately notice the comfort that comes from the generous proportions, but you won’t feel like a kid in your dad’s shirt. We’ve ensured that the shirt will still layer comfortably underneath outerwear without the excess crumpling and bunching in the arms or hem of a vintage example. It’s a subtle twist that makes for a shirt you’ll want to wear every day.

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