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A Vacation of the Mind.

A Vacation of the Mind.

A diptych of a man wearing a vacation shirt.

Jon Moy is a freelance writer based in Detroit. He’s written about a lot of things, but mostly about fashion. He’s just happy to be here. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @moybien1212.

Right now, no one is going on vacation. Or maybe they are, but we don’t want to be around them right now. These vacation shirts are pretty great. Striped shirts like this are a very particular look that I quite enjoy. These kinds of shirts are great because they’re light and the cut is right so you can style them very, very relaxed. Buy one of these shirts and wear it with like the top three or four buttons unbuttoned with that little gold chain you just got in the mail that you bought to wear all suntanned while you sip aperitifs on a balmy summer night in the city before summer got canceled by an epidemic. I always have grand plans of drinking cocktails of foreign origin on humid nights in a picturesque city in the summer, but then I never work out or get tan enough in time so lowkey I’m using this canceled summer as a way to finally get my summer “is he in shape or is he just skinny?” body ready and to design a bunch of stupid tattoos for my forearms because the only thing these vacation shirts need more than to be paired with a little bit of gold jewelry is a smattering of goofy-ass tattoos.

Just because I’m taking vacations in my mind to balmy locales with colorful alcoholic drinks doesn’t mean the struggle for Black Liberation has ended. Donate to the Emergency Release Fund, which posts bail for people held in NYC jails, prioritizing BIPOC trans people, medically high-risk or otherwise marginalized populations, and anyone within the broader LGBTQ+ spectrum. Additionally, they assist with ICE detention immigration bonds for LGBTQ+ detainees.

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