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40BSP "Caustic Wave" Denim.

40BSP "Caustic Wave" Denim.
A front view of a 3sixteen denim jacket.
A photo showing the new 3sixteen 40BSP jean worn with brown roughout boots.
The model wears a 3sixteen denim jacket with a white tee and black pants.
An up close look at the hairy texture on the 40BSP denim.
The model rolls the sleeve cuff up to show the corduroy detailing underneath.

We're excited to introduce our new "Caustic Wave" denim that we designed specifically for our newest run of 3sixteen+ products. For those who are unaware, 3sixteen+ is our ongoing collaboration with Kiya Babzani of Self Edge whereby we design new textiles and cuts from a different perspective than our in-line products. Thus far, we've put out several men's jeans and a women's denim collection under the + line. The 40BSP jean and jacket are the newest additions.

First, lets talk about the fabric. We've been working on this denim for over a year now and have dubbed it "Caustic Wave" for the incredible inconsistency in the weave. It weighs in at 16.5oz loomstate and features indigo warp yarns that have been double dipped for an extra deep indigo hue that will yield high contrast fades. The mill used heavily twisted yarns of uneven shapes to produce a fabric with a dry, rough hand that will yield beautiful vertical streaks. Once you touch the denim in person and run your fingers across the weft side, you'll see how wild it feels - almost like a textured rug. There are very few shuttle looms left in the world that can weave this kind of yarn at low tension (which is what gives the fabric its uneven texture); we worked with a small mill in Ibara, Okayama to produce this denim. And, of course, we've made sure to leave the fabric unsanforized and unprocessed to allow the irregularities to shine.

Now, the garments. We've applied the "Caustic Wave" denim to our tried and true Type 3s Jacket silhouette. It's a modified fit to account for the shrinkage that will occur on its first soak, so expect a little more room in the chest and a slightly longer body and arms. We recommend taking the same size in this jacket that you do in our standard Type 3s jackets. The 40BSP jean is a new fit which features the same high rise and roomy top block that is featured on our CT cut or the 30BSP jean, but combined with a stronger taper and smaller leg opening.

Both the 40BSP jean and jacket are available via all five Self Edge stores and on The jeans debuted a few weeks ago and the jacket launches this Saturday, June 10th.

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