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Team Profiles: Joe Chin.

A portrait of a smiling Joe.

Name: Joe Chin
Department: Operations
Jeans: SL-120xk

Joe wears a white shop jacket and faded shadow denim.

What album are you currently listening to?
Not listening to any one album, but listening to a playlist my friends and I made that include Drake, Yellowcard, Ariana Grande, and many other artists. Daniel Caesar and Kendrick have also been on repeat.

3sixteen aside, what are some of your favorite brands?
Too many, but off the top of my head: A.P.C., Our Legacy, Engineered Garments, Visvim, The Flat Head, and Stevenson Overall Co.

A closeup shot of Joe's selvedge denim cuff and his Nike Flyknits.

You just found $100 on the street - what are you blowing it on?
I’m blowing it on tacos, acai bowls and milk tea boba with everyone I care about.

What's one embarrassing habit of yours?
I make weird throat scratching noises while I sleep. I’ve freaked out roommates in the past.

A rear shot of the honeycombs behind the knees.

Any hobbies or side projects you are currently pursuing?
I roll around on mats with other dudes while we try to strangle each other, aka Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Also, I’ve just started learning how to hem on the Union Special. I’m getting pretty good, I think.

What’s your favorite piece from SS17?
BDU Shirt in Stone Ripstop.

Joe takes a sip out of a cold beverage.

A friend is visiting LA - what three spots are you sending them to eat at?
La Reyna Tacos, Ahgassi Gopchang Korean bbq, and Everson Royce Bar for their burgers, fries and awesome Old Fashioneds.

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