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20th Anniversary NY Party.

An espresso cocktail poured into a plastic cup with the Wilson's logo on it.
A bunch of drink ingredients on a wooden counter.
Four photos of people enjoying themselves at a party.
An imagee of many people gathered at a party inside the 3sixteen NY store.
A diptych of two men chatting outside the store, and a photo of pastries and a espresso drink.
A photo of the 3sixteen storefront with the doors wide open.
A diptych of people hanging out at the 3sixteen store with friends.
an image of a man carrying a case of beer through a crowded room.
A triptych of people hanging out at a party at 3sixteen NY.
A couple talking and laughing at a party.
A diptych of friends sitting together at a party, and an espresso cocktail.
A barista shakes a drink in a shaker.
A triptych of friends hanging out together at a party.

Photos: Dan Chen

After throwing a party in LA earlier this year to celebrate our 20th anniversary, we moved the festivities east last week which coincided with the closing of our monthlong Wilson's cafe concept. Longtime friends of the brand gathered to celebrate alongside new customers who discovered 3sixteen for the first time this past month through the cafe. A big contingent of World's Fair Run Crew, who we hosted this past summer for several community runs, came by as well. People often ask us what it feels like to celebrate two decades of business and it's been hard to reflect on it in the moment. Flipping through these pictures, though - most of which were taken on the day of the party, along with a few other moments from this past month - helped us to realize that the community we've been able to build here at 190 Elizabeth is diverse and special. While there's still so much left to do to close the year out, this past weekend served as a nice guidepost - or monument, if you will - to all that we've been able to accomplish thus far.

We want to thank everyone who came out to drink one last coffee and party with us. And as we bid farewell to Wilson's, we owe a debt of gratitude to our incredible baristas (Manny, Elisha, Keaton and Elliott) who worked so hard to bring the Wilson's vision to life, and to our cafe director Jaymie for helping us to shape an experience that is true to our brand and that we hope many will remember.

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