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15y: Schott for 3sixteen.

15y: Schott for 3sixteen.

A model wears a black leather jacket while the sun casts a long shadow behind him.

We’re proud to introduce our 3rd collaboration with Schott NYC, the Roughout Perfecto - this one was designed to celebrate our 15 year anniversary. Like previous iterations, the jacket is built off our favorite double rider fit, the 519. The leather is a custom tannage made exclusively for this jacket by Horween Leather Company in Chicago, and is a heavily oiled black cowhide that we’ve flipped inside out to utilize the roughout side of the leather.

A diptych of a man wearing a black suede Schott leather jacket.

When we approached Nick Horween to develop this roughout, we told him that we wanted a leather that would wear in beautifully in a different kind of way than smooth side leather. Roughout is different from suede in that it’s meant to be beaten up and will look better with scuffs and scratches. The leather undergoes a complex vegetable tanning process which imparts tree bark extracts, waterproofing oils, and various waxes to give the leather a beautifully inconsistent look that shows sheen in certain spots and a deep matte color in others. Horween drum dyed the leather to give it a deep black color, and then milled it for a full day for softness and to bring out the nap. Alongside being rugged and weather resistant, this leather is sure to wear in nicely over time. This is not a leather jacket to be babied. 

(We should note that due to this treatment process, the leather has an oily hand to begin with, but it will lessen over time as it's worn. Also - please beware, as this leather will also crock onto lighter colored clothing at its onset.)

The back of the leather jacket features a sterling silver snap centered just below the collar.

Aesthetically, we opted for matte black hardware and have included not one, bot two .925 sterling silver snap cap from Good Art HLYWD; one is a shiny silver for that extra bit of pop, and the other features a dark gunmetal coating that will wear off to a bright shine over time. The snaps feature our 15 year anniversary logo debossed on them, and are made one piece at a time by hand in Good Art's Los Angeles foundry. We lined the jacket with a black Japanese linen in the body (the same one we used on our FW18 linen shirt) and bemberg in the sleeves; as the leather is quite heavy, we wanted to ensure that the lining would not add further to the bulkiness of the jacket. The inside of the jacket features a natural vegetable tanned leather patch bearing our 15 year logo, which was produced for us by Tanner Goods. We then hand dyed each patch black to match the overall look of the jacket; no two are alike.

A sample jacket at the Schott factory hangs on a rack with detailed patterns attached to it.
A skilled worker at the Schott factory cuts fabric with a machine.
15y: Schott for 3sixteen.
Various old business cards accumulated over decades are taped onto an old metal desk.
A sea of factory workers labor diligently over leather jackets at the Schott factory at their various stations.
A library of jacket patterns hang from rods.

We've had the good fortune of touring Schott's manufacturing facilities before, but this fall we were invited back again to see our jacket in production. Over 80 sets of skilled hands touch each leather jacket from cutting to finishing, and many of the machines that are used each day in the Schott factory are 50+ years old with no replacements available should they break down. We are always floored by the combined wisdom, experience and skill under one roof, and we are thankful for the opportunity to work with a company as iconic as Schott to produce these special jackets. 

The model puts his hand into the jacket and adjusts its collar.

The retail price on the 15y Schott for 3sixteen jacket is $1,100. We will be releasing them this Saturday, December 15th at our anniversary party in our LA Flagship store. We will only be allowing in-store purchases for this jacket; no phone orders will be accepted.

Our remaining stock will post online on Friday, December 21st at noon EST; this is the same day that the global release for the jacket will occur via the following stockists:

  • Schott: New York
  • Schott: Chicago
  • Schott: San Francisco
  • Self Edge: San Francisco
  • Self Edge: New York
  • Self Edge: Los Angeles
  • Self Edge: Portland
  • Blue Owl Workshop: Seattle
  • Berkeley Supply: Denver
  • East & West: St. Louis
  • Mildblend: Chicago
  • Standard & Strange: Oakland
  • Park & Province: Toronto
  • Rivet & Hide: London
  • Cultizm: Munster
  • Rivets: Shanghai
  • Rivets: Beijing


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