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15y: Good Art HLYWD for 3sixteen.

15y: Good Art HLYWD for 3sixteen.

Three sterling silver pendants on chain necklaces piled up on a wood bench.

We count ourselves fortunate to call Josh Warner and Rachel Cleverley friends. Together with their team of craftsmen in their Los Angeles foundry, they produce what we believe to be some of the best jewelry and accessories on earth. The best collaborations for us are the ones we do with brands that we look up to and are fans of, and Good Art HLYWD checks both of those boxes. 

To celebrate our 15 year anniversary, Josh took both of our emblems and melded them into three distinct pieces that can be worn as either pendants or keychain charms. Each design is hand crafted out of .925 sterling silver and produced in limited quantities exclusively for us.

The model wears a Good Art sterling silver pendant around the neck on a chain.
A diptych of two different Good Art sterling silver pendants worn on chains around the neck.

Please note that each piece is sold individually, and can be easily added to a chain or keyring that you already own. The chains photographed above are all made by Good Art.

We'll be releasing all three pieces - the Single Pickaxe, Crossed Pickaxe, and the Medallion - at our 15 year anniversary party tonight (12/15). Remaining stock will post to on Wednesday, 12/19, at noon EST. 

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