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White Tees.

Ip Man and Bruce Lee in white tees.

Ip Man and Bruce Lee sparring.

Jon Moy is a freelance writer based in Detroit. He’s written about a lot of things, but mostly about fashion. He’s just happy to be here. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @moybien1212.

Check out these pictures of the absolute legends Ip Man and Bruce Lee wearing simple white t-shirts. Ip Man was a Wing Chun master and teacher to Bruce Lee. The lineage of Ip Man’s students is long and legendary and to this day you can study under Sifus that are only one degree of separation from the grandmaster himself. Personally, dedicating years of my life and sacrificing to learn an ancient martial art that will strengthen my corporeal and spiritual beings seems like a lot to take on right now. So instead, I’m gonna focus on the fact that Ip Man, the dude who taught Bruce Lee, wore simple, relaxed white tees. All I want to do is wear these heavyweight white shirts with a gold chain and buy one of those wooden kung fu training dummy things so I can hang my gold chains on them and take cool “this is my home and also where I create” selfies in front of them.

Instead of Wing Chun, I’m gonna pop in this Tai Chi DVD my auntie gave me a few months ago. She said I always look a little sickly and could work on my inner balance and outward posture. In the glowing “creatives shaping the digital world” profile I just know is a few months off, I won’t mention this fact, but will mention how Tai Chi is what I turn to when I have a bit of writer’s block while wearing a 3sixteen heavyweight cotton tee with a gold chain in front of a series of photos of Bruce Lee and Ip Man I paid too much for on eBay.

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