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Watch Caps.

Watch Caps.
A diptych of a black knit cap on the floor and a man wearing one with an olive shirt.
A diptych of a man wearing an olive knit cap with a black hoody on the street.
A diptych of an olive knit cap and a man wearing that same cap.

Jon Moy is a freelance writer based in Detroit. He’s written about a lot of things, but mostly about fashion. He’s just happy to be here.

IT’S BEANIE SEASON. Finally. I love a good watch cap. You can wear them perched at preposterous angles on the top of your head or you can wear them low and either way they look perfect. A good knit watch cap is a Fall/Winter essential. Plus, if you poof it out just right, your silhouette gains an inch or two. That combined with some solid boots and all us 5’11 guys are looking like we’re around six feet tall. And really, can you put a price on being nearly six feet tall? It’s like how certain birds will puff out their plumage in an attempt to look bigger than they really are to impress potential mates. Guys in boots and watch caps looking a little taller than they are emerging on the streets at the start of Fall is a cyclical global phenomenon. Like locusts or something.

These watch caps are knit in Queens, NY from 100% cotton yarn spun in Italy. They have a really luxurious hand and come in black and olive. I’ve been on record before as saying olive might be one of the greatest colors of all time. Looks good on everything. Cars, pants, shirts, watch caps. You name it and olive and its sibling olive drab will make anything look cooler. Another thing that's cool about these watch caps is that the length of them is perfect for either a single or double fold depending on how you plan to wear it. Single fold is for that aforementioned extra height obviously.

I’ve never been to Queens and I’m not gonna front like I knew they had knitting facilities there, but a few people have told me that if I ever moved to New York, Queens was one of the boroughs they could see me really enjoying. Flushing is on my list of places I’m visiting once we are allowed to visit places again. The Chinese community there is booming and I really want to check it out. Don’t worry, when I order almond chicken, I’ll say, “Almond gai” so they know I’m jook-sing.

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