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Top 3s with DJ Excel.

A man rolls a vintage Harley back into the garage.

A man in a multicolor peace shirt on a vintage motorcycle.

Bikes You’ve Owned:
1. 1946 Harley Davidson Knucklehead - the grail
2. 1948 Harley Davidson Panhead - my first old bike
3. 1964 Harley Davidson Panhead - my first chopper

Bikes You Haven’t Owned:
So many great bikes out there. Hard to narrow it down to 3...

1. 1940’s Indian Chief
2. Harley ULH Flathead 
3. Another Knucklehead!

Places to Have Lunch with Grace:
Lunch with Grace is always a top in any location but if I had to give 3…

1. Any lunch we had in Mexico with Kiya & Demitra
2. Konbi
3. Yang’s Kitchen

Producers Dead or Alive:
1. Premier
2. Pete Rock
3. Jay Dee

Homies From Philly:
1. Zeu$
2. The Mayor
3. Wreck

Philly Institutions:
1. Elixir Coffee
2. Briar Vintage
3. Caphe

Memories with Johan:
1. Tokyo
2. Kanye Concert (Life of Pablo)
3. NYE in SF

Memories with Andrew:
1. Tokyo
2. Dinner in NYC with the family
3. Atlantic City

Places to Ride:
1. Canyons in Malibu
2. Route 66 (Arizona)
3. Maryland-PA back roads 

Vintage Pieces You Own:
1. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Moonphase - 40th bday gift to myself
2. Langlitz Columbia jacket (green label) - gift from Josh at Good Art
3. WWII blue USN deck jacket

Vintage Grails:
1. Rick Owens dunks
2. Rolex Explorer II (1655)
3. Levi’s 501 (Jerky tag)

Sneakers You’ve Sold:
I had over 600 years ago. They’re all gone. Tiffany’s, Supreme Blazers, OG Jordan’s (1-11), over 100 Bapes, New Balance, Ice Creams, etc.

Sneakers You Still Own:
1. 2022 Balenciaga X-Pander (Grey)
2. 2019 Sacai Vaporwaffle (Burgundy)
3. 2020 MMY Molded “Vans”

BAPE pieces you’ve owned:
1. The jeans with the star logo on the front
2. My 1st pair of Bapestas - brown, tan and pink
3. Multi Camo Hoodie

Venues to Play:
1. NYC Dope Party
2. Rec Room (San Jose)
3. Harlem (Tokyo)

Records to drop in the club:
This is forever changing but currently off the top….

1. Soul II Soul - Back To Life
2. K.W. Griff - Fiddle
3. Fonda Rae - Over Like A Fat Rat 

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