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Throwing Fits for 3sixteen: Summer Fatigues.

A close up shot of the color blocking on the pants.
Two grown dirtbags in white fatigue pants.
Two guys in white pants.

Photos: Chris Fenimore

We’re excited to announce that we have teamed up with James Harris and Lawrence Schlossman of the fashion podcast “Throwing Fits” to design the perfect summer pant aka The Only Fatigues That Matter. The NYC-based duo describes their podcast as “two grown dirtbags tryna to navigate the male zeitgeist” and features weekly irreverent interviews with guests in arts, fashion and media, as well as a second weekly episode where they cover current events, pop culture and clothing. Their core listener base - lovingly dubbed the “Throw Gang” - convene on a private Discord to talk with each other about fashion, food, home goods, and music. And every Friday, they submit fit photos via Instagram to the Throwing Fits instagram for a chance to be featured on “Fit Check Friday.” In short, TF has built a following of like-minded individuals who love to express themselves through fashion - and along the way, they've found other commonalities with each other. Sounds a lot like the raw denim community, if we’re being honest. And as we’ve discovered as of late, there’s more crossover between our two communities than we originally thought.

Last summer, Throwing Fits had our co-owner Andrew on as a guest and if you’re interested in giving it a listen, here’s the link. The podcast was also profiled in The New Yorker Magazine, a must read if you’re interested in learning more about them. We’d also recommend checking out individual interviews with Lawrence and James to get a bit more of their backstory. 

Our relationship with James and Lawrence stretches back over 10 years to when the brand was young and still finding its footing in both menswear and denim, and also when both Lawrence and James were making pathways into the fashion industry at the PR agency BPMW. We’ve since crossed paths on several occasions and have admired their career trajectories and how they’ve found ways to communicate their unique perspectives across different mediums, culminating in what’s inarguably their most successful venture yet. For us at 3sixteen, it’s an honor to be able to work with them on this special project. 

A light washed western denim shirt is tucked into a pair of white fatigue pants.
Two dirtbags dig into slices of pizza.

While it might seem strange to some to work together with a podcast on a collaboration, James and Lawrence have had a vision for some time now to be able to grow what they do beyond the show itself. The podcast’s success, as we mentioned before, lies within the community they’ve cultivated - and they saw working on clothing projects as a logical next step. The collaborations are all intended to fill gaps in their own closets, and in turn, what they believe to be gaps in the closets of other well-dressed guys.

The idea for this project formed around the desire to make a custom fatigue pant, a style which we love and have been making for several years now. As we’re targeting a June release for these pants, it was important to make a bottom that would be versatile and lightweight enough to wear in the warmer months, so we arrived at an 8.5oz twill in two colors: unbleached natural (which features brown cotton flecks in the fabric) and a bleached cream. We took the color-blocking approach from our FW20 olive HBT fatigues and applied them to this pant, and added natural herringbone twill cinches to the bottoms for added versatility. Lastly, James and Lawrence decided to run all of the pants at a universal 30” inseam for flexibility of wear; at a shorter inseam, the option is there to roll them high up without a bulky cuff, or to cinch them without too much stacking. Lawrence and James have distinct personal styles and we enjoyed working on this shoot to showcase how they’re able to wear the same pants in different ways.

Two dirtbags eat pizza amongst a lot of red picnic tables.
An up close look at the paneling on the fatigue pants.

Last summer, in the wake of a string of violence against Black Americans by law enforcement, Throwing Fits started running donating raffles to raise money for important causes and nonprofits in defense of Black lives. We partnered with them on a raffle that raised a sizable contribution to Exodus Transitional Community in Harlem to help in their efforts to reintegrate justice-involved individuals back into daily life. For these pants, we wanted to use the release as an opportunity to raise awareness and funds for another cause that is close to us. With the uptick in anti-Asian sentiment and violence in America this past year, coupled with the decimation of small businesses in Chinatown due to COVID and the unfounded fears that it brought, we thought it would be timely to raise money for local Chinatown businesses. As such, we will be donating $10 from each pant sold to Welcome to Chinatown, a grassroots organization that raises money to distribute to local businesses in Chinatown to help them with rent, payroll and other vital needs to stay afloat. They profile business owners and businesses on their Instagram account and tell their stories, humanizing them and putting them in front of a wider audience. This last year has shown us that our neighbors are struggling in deep ways - we hope to use this pant release as another way to come alongside them.

A man cinches up his fatigue pants.
Two grown dirtbags stand outside L&B Spumoni Gardens.

The 3sixteen x TF Summer Fatigues open up for presale on Thursday, April 1st and will be available to order for a strict 72-hour window, closing at midnight EDT on Saturday, April 3rd. The pants retail for $198 and will be available to order in all waist sizes from 28-38. When the products go live on Thursday we will have a detailed measurement chart posted to help guide you in selecting the right size. Please note that due to the nature of the presale, we cannot accept order cancellations or returns once your order has been placed. These pants will be a one-time run and will not be produced again. We hope to begin shipping all preorders on these pants the first week of June.

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