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Style Profiles: Adam Pally.

A man in a tan jacket and jeans sits on a chair in a garage.

Name: Adam Pally (@adam.pally)
Age: 39
Profession: Actor, Writer, Producer
Jeans: CS-100xk

A man carefully examines a measuring tape

I hail from…
NYC. Skokie Illinois. Livingston NJ. Los Angeles California - now living and dying in NYC once again.

I’m currently working on…
A lot of things in a lot of different genres. I’d like to try everything before I die even if it kills me.

A man in a tan jacket and blue jeans stands outside a garage.

My favorite meal is….
Favorite I could never pick a favorite? I don’t know Maestros with all the sides and a butter cake, a whole red snapper from Jitlada. Jose Andres Greek spot in The Cosmopolitan where you pick your fish straight from the ice. John and Vinny’s spicy gem lettuce with a mozzarella stick and a ham and yeezy? A trust me Nozawa to go from Sugarfish not even gonna front is my most common. Rao’s clams? Grand Sechuan on 9th with the C ratings soup dumps. Lou Mals frozen to my house? While we’re at it in my youth I could clean a whole cheese from John on Bleeker’s without blinking but now I’m partial to Upside Pizza on 38th. I once sat first class on Air Tokyo from JFK and had the single greatest bowl of ramen I’ve ever had. The Landmark on Route 10 Thai wings and ribs.

A detailed photo of a man holding a tan jacket.

There was a hot dog cart behind a strip mall next to a hub cap shop on Speedway Avenue in Tucson Arizona. It was run by a mentally handicapped man named Bruce and his brother who was also named Bruce and everyone ended up calling it Bruce dogs. I would get 2 chili dogs with hummus and bacon bits and two Dr Browns black cherrys from Bruce #1’s cooler that he rested his diabetic leg on and I would house them on the way home in the back seat of my buddy Omar’s Honda CR-V. That was a favorite meal maybe? Also wife and I ate Alinea once in Chicago and that was pretty great. We don't remember how we got to the hotel that night, but we woke up there safely the next morning.  Sadly, it was not the hotel we had checked into the previous day before we went to dinner. In fact we were in a different part of town in a totally different room in a totally different hotel. Hahaha we now have 3 children ahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah.

Those are my favorite meals.

Cuffed jeans on Blundstone boots.

I collect…
Going through my closet today apparently I collect blue chore coats I guess.

The last thing I read was…
Someone’s Tik Tok handle after they blew up an ATM machine with a Mento.

Presently, I’m listening to…
My summer was Donda, Bo Burnham’s Inside, Kings Disease 2, liked the new Johnny Mayer, a lot of Dylan’s Christian music can’t tell you why, very into the Dead in the early 80’s live especially on some of those European tours where they’re playing really fast that’s my writing chill out, stare out the window, text a friend a funny idea music lately. And I really like Baby Keem.

A man in sunglasses looks into the camera.

The best way to unwind is…
Read above - smoke good pot - eat good food - buy cool shit cause you like it not cause buying it makes you feel better, go for drives, exercise. Get fucked up off boujy shit like Las Jaras wines and rain water tequilas. Walk NYC BK and Queens for hours and hours and days and days. Drive through LA for months.

The last piece of advice given to me was…
I am allowed to try and attain my own happiness and not live to help others attain theirs.

A man smiles and points to someone off camera.

One place I would love to visit is…
Everywhere is the same and nowhere will make you happy but I’d love to get to Greece.

In 20 years I hope to be…
Having dinner with my wife and my 3 children and whoever is important to them in their lives anywhere in the world.

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