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SS23 Inspiration.

SS23 Inspiration.

A moodboard of various images inspiring SS23.

The muted palette we chose for the season is what we hope you’ll notice first about our SS23 collection. While we appreciate and often highlight deep and rich colors, we opted to utilize some more faded hues this season. The palette is not dissimilar to the colors you might find in a vintage shop: time worn blues, washed out olives, and varied shades of tan and brown - but our starting point was a bit more unconventional. In late 2021, after attending “Glass Pieces,” a ballet choreographed by Jerome Robbins set to the music of Philip Glass, we found ourselves particularly moved by the wardrobe colors. As we set off to work on SS23 almost a year later, those hues came to mind and we sought to apply them to our collection.

Geometric patterns and shapes feature prominently throughout the season and stem from our 
appreciation of the influential New York artist Frank Stella. Stella’s early work, which served as 
inspiration for us, was made up of groundbreaking non-representational paintings that focused on bold
lines and shapes. We felt like these simple forms were a perfect starting point for seasonal patterns
 that have been executed in a variety of methods from embroidery to appliqué. Our longstanding love for brutalist architecture also factored into the colors and angular shapes that you’ll see throughout the garments. In previous years we’ve imparted patterns onto our clothing via print; for SS23, every form that you’ll find is either woven, embroidered or sewn on, adding further depth and texture.  

Our lookbook releases shortly, followed by the first delivery of SS23 on March 9th.

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