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Arabica Cowhide Perfecto.

Arabica Cowhide Perfecto.

Model wearing a leather jacket inside of a car.

Photos: Julian Berman

Building upon the success of our first collaboration, we've partnered with Schott NYC to design a new double rider jacket for FW17. We're particularly excited for this jacket, as it features a brand new leather that Horween tanned exclusively for us. 

Front of asymmetrical school leather jacket on a model.

Earlier this year, we approached Nick Horween with the idea to make a hide that started off soft and supple, but would age and show wear quickly. They went to work and came up with what we're calling 'Arabica Cowhide,' a natural hide with a deep brown color (almost black) that’s been given a hard “sugary” surface application that is prone to breaking up and showing a lighter brown shade beneath. With wear, this leather will quickly break in and exhibit the kind of aging that would usually take years to achieve. You'll see the color lighten on areas of hard wear first: seams, pockets, and elbows. 

Model wearing a leather jacket while posing inside of a car.
Model placing sunglasses inside of an inner side pocket of the leather jacket.
Model standing behind an open car door while wearing a leather jacket.

The fit is built off Schott's familiar 519 silhouette: a traditional asymmetrical double rider with a slightly lengthened body. We ditched the belt as we did in the previous collaboration, and for this version, we decided to take the epaulets off as well. The jacket is lined with a lightweight Japanese selvedge chambray, and we included the busted seam detail up the back once again. And for an added bit of contrast,  we opted for antique brass hardware and as well as a brass snap-cap made by Good Art HLYWD. Each snap cap is hand crafted in Good Art's Los Angeles foundry. 

Detail shot of the 15 year snap and collar on a leather jacket.

The jackets are scheduled to release on Wednesday, December 20th via select retailers worldwide and via Please note that the majority of our allotment will launch on at noon EST on 12/20, but we have alos reserved units specifically for our LA flagship store, which opens at 11am PST on 12/20. 

Only 100 units were produced and they will retail for $1,100. You can find the Arabica Cowhide Perfecto via the retailers below:

Schott Flagship (New York, NY)
Schott Flagship (Chicago, IL)
Schott Flagship (Los Angeles, CA)
3sixteen LA (Los Angeles, CA)
Blue Owl (Seattle, WA)
Self Edge (San Francisco, CA)
Snake Oil Provisions (Long Beach, CA)
Rivet & Hide (London)
Cultizm (Münster)
Understudy (Calgary)
Meadow (Malmö)

3sixteen (Online)

Model posing with a leather jacket.

Finally, we wanted to give a big thank you to our longtime friend Milo Ventimiglia for taking the time to help model the jacket for us. As some of you might now, he's pretty busy these days filming one of the highest viewed TV shows on air right now but we were fortunate to have him carve out time in between shoots to come lend us a hand. 

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