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Patchwork Type 3s Jacket.

Published February 28, 2017

We're proud to introduce a special project that we've been working hard on for the past few months: the Patchwork Type 3s Jacket. It was designed in collaboration with our Houston, TX retailer The Class Room to commemorate their 5 year anniversary. Only 20 units were made, and each jacket was individually patched in house by our designer, Wesley Scott. This labor intensive process involved carefully laying out each jacket's panels, imagining how the patches would interact with one another once sewn together, and then sewing each patch on with a single stitch machine. The modified panels were then sent back to our denim factory in San Francisco to be assembled into jackets. The base denim on the garment is our 101x 12oz. raw indigo selvedge denim, woven in Okayama by Kuroki Mills. We felt that a lighter denim would lend itself better to a patchwork jacket and would feel less bulky with the custom modifications we made. The jacket silhouette is our trademark modified Type 3 denim jacket with added body length, side pockets, and a modern slim fit. 

The jacket's patchwork customization was informed by Wesley Scott's personal passion for vintage workwear jackets and the repair techniques that were used on them. Owners would cover areas of high wear with scraps of fabric to prolong their life, often giving little thought to whether the color or print of the fabric matched its surroundings. Sometimes entire sections of jackets would be replaced with new fabric to strengthen the garment, placing function as a priority over form. Wesley took that idea and applied it to a brand new denim jacket to produce a similar effect. Some of the fabrics used are extra yardage from pieces we've made in past seasons, and others are Japanese workwear fabrics that will age nicely alongside the denim. 

The Patchwork Type 3s Jackets will be released on Friday, March 3rd strictly via our LA retail flagship store. They will not be available online for purchase, but we will be accepting phone orders; as stock is limited, we advise you to move quickly on them if you're interested in picking one up for yourself. Please note that because each jacket is unique, we will not be able to photograph all the units for those who are placing phone orders to choose a particular patch layout. This is why we suggest coming in store to purchase the jacket, if possible - this will allow you to see and choose the jacket that you like best. The Patchwork Type 3s Jacket retails for $550.

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