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Officer Coat v2.

A man in a long black overcoat and brown flannel holds flowers in his arm

A diptych of a man picking out flowers at a bodega.

A diptych of a man in a wool overcoat holding some flowers.

A photo of a 4-color satin paneled lining of a coat.

A diptych of a man digging through bins of flowers in a wool coat.

A man in a long black overcoat and brown flannel holds flowers in his arm.

A coat hangs on a gate to show the 4 colors of satin inside.

Photos: Ray Spears

Building off the success of last year's release, we have partnered with Schott NYC to prroduce a second edition of our collaborative Officer Coat. This season's version features a unique paneled liner that features four different colors of satin (and a 5th for the sleeves). The effect is very mellow when worn but is fun to look at when hung up. 

The bones of the coat have not changed: the body is made of a heavy 28oz black melton wool that is usually reserved for Schott’s cold weather pea coats. Having worn the first edition through a full east coast winter, we can confidently say that the coat can hang in the coldest of weather due to its tight twill weave. The fabric has also resisted tears or pilling and still looks brand new - we feel confident in saying that this coat is heirloom quality and is woefully underpriced for what you get in return. We don't think there is another heavy wool overcoat on the market that can outperform this one for the price.

The Schott NYC for 3sixteen Officer Coat v2 launches on at noon EST tomorrow (December 21st). You can also find them in-store in NY and LA in limited quantities on the same day. 

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