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Natural Fibers.

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A diptych of a man in a black shirt

Releasing this Thursday both in-store and online is a group of items featuring hard wearing natural fabrics that will transition perfectly from late winter into spring. This release includes two styles: our Mechanic Shirt and the return of our much loved Shop Jacket.

This collection of Mechanic Shirts features our custom Slub Tencel fabric developed for us from the ground up in India. Tencel fibers are made from dissolving eucalyptus bark to a pulp before being spun into strong fibers that are breathable and temperature regulating. The closed-loop processes used to create Tencel fibers are both low impact in terms of environmental impact as well as water usage. This release also features a new treatment to the tercel fabric: a stonewashed garment dye. The stonewashing treatment highlights the slub texture of the fabric and brings a dynamic pop of high and lows.

For the Shop Jacket, we opted to use a similarly sustainable fabric; a 100% hemp canvas. Hemp is pretty much a miracle fiber. The plant grows extremely quickly in a variety of climates without the need for pesticides or fertilizer. Hemp plants also need very little water- in certain climates they don’t even require irrigation. The plants are also known to replenish the soil with vital nutrients, rather than extract said nutrients, meaning it can be planted over and over again without a negative impact on the soil. And lastly, it also has an enormous yield when compared to other fibers; 600% more fiber than flax and 250% more than cotton on the same amount of land. It’s not just the sustainability of the fiber that interest us though, we love how the fiber wears and breaks in as well. This fabric in particular feels like a soft linen and wrinkles and softens beautifully as it’s worn. It also has an amazing sheen to it, not unlike the Tencel fabrics, that will look great alongside heftier, worn in pieces. 

These pieces will be available on Thursday, February 16th at noon EST via They'll also be available in store via our NY & LA flagships when we open that day.

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