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Lightweight Denim.

Lightweight Denim.
Model is shown here wearing the 222x denim in lightweight double black
Close up shot of the leather patch featuring the small pickaxe logo on our lightweight 122x denim in shadow
Model is sitting while wearing the 222x, lightweight double black denim
First image shows another close up of the top block of the jean, second photo shows the model is shown here wearing the 222x, double black, which is cuffed to show selvedge id
Close up shot of the selvedge id on a pair of 222x denim in double black

The newest addition to our denim lineup comes in the way of lightweight 12oz shadow and double black denim. Given the success of our 101x raw indigo selvedge that we launched a few years back, we approached Kuroki Mills and had them produce additional runs of fabric for us in lighter weights that are perfect for the warmer months ahead. For those of you who like to keep track of our denim SKU's, 122x denotes our 12oz shadow selvedge and 222x refers to the new 12oz double black shadow selvedge.

What we like best about our lightweight denim is that at 12oz, it still has some heft and will produce beautiful fading similar to its heavier counterparts. To us, there's a point where denim gets too light and flimsy and loses its character and durability. We feel that this lightweight fabric that we've developed still maintains the core DNA of what we believe jeans should look, feel and wear in like. 

We had many customers in mind when deciding to expand our lightweight denim collection. Some of you own heavier pairs from us and are simply looking for jeans that are easier to wear in warmer temperatures, but that still wear in beautifully. Others might be waiting to start on their first pair of raw selvedge denim, but have felt that standard weights were too stiff and uncomfortable to break in from the start. Keeping all this in mind, we elected to give all our lightweight jeans a rinse and tumble dry to make them soft and incredibly easy to break in. It's standard on the 101x lightweight indigo jeans and we've applied the same rinse to these new shadow and double black jeans as well. 

Our first run of lightweight 122x and 222x denim is available in our flagship ST (Slim Tapered) and CT (Classic Tapered) fits, as well as a limited run of CH (Chino) in shadow only. They launch at noon EDT on Friday, 6/1 via and via select retailers.

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