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Indigo Shibori Capsule.

Indigo Shibori Capsule.
A man wears a pale blue indigo dyed shirt in a street as the sun sets behind him.
An up close look at the irregular dye pattern across the chest of a shibori-dyed tshirt.
A portrait of a man wearing a light crumple dye indigo tshirt.

This Friday, September 7th, we'll be releasing a small capsule collection that we've been working on for the past few months. We partnered up with Green Matters, a natural dye house in Amish Country, PA, to produce a small run of resist-dyed tees and selvedge oxfords. We made two kinds of t-shirts: one features a crumple dye which gives the cotton a blue shade that looks fairly consistent from far away, but reveals beautiful inconsistency up close. The features a traditional shibori rope dye, whereby the t-shirt is bunched up and tied with string before it is immersed in the indigo dye vat. After multiple dips, the rope is cut off and the shirt is rinsed off, creating unique patterns on each tee. Like the crumple dye tees, no two are alike.

A man wears a shibori-dyed white oxford shirt that is now blue.
A back view of the shibori  dyed oxford, which shows the same resist pattern running across the back.

We also had Green Matters apply this same rope-dye technique to a small run of our White Selvedge Oxfords and were really pleased with the results. Even the shell buttons took on some indigo hues. 

Although we have done indigo dyeing work in-house for various applications, we counted ourselves fortunate to find a natural dye house like Green Matters to partner with for larger scale production runs. They take both their work and their impact on the environment seriously and we are excited to share that we'll be working with them again on a few more projects that will release over the course of the next year. This release is a nice little precursor of what's to come. 

The Indigo Shibori Capsule collection releases on Friday, September 7th at noon EDT on, and in store at our LA Flagship at 11am PDT the same day. Quantities are limited and are only available via 3sixteen. 

3sixteen LA
941 E. 2nd Street
New York, NY 10002

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