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Guevel's 3 Year Anniversary.

Guevel's 3 Year Anniversary.

A pile of blue and black clothes.

A trio of images of a man in indigo and charcoal tees.

Two photos of a man wearing a garment dyed tshirt.

A diptych of a man in indigo pants and a charcoal tee.

Indigo dyed clothes.

Our buddy Cam Niederhauser, founder of Guevel in Kansas City, MO, approached us to work on a special project to celebrate their 3-year anniversary this year. We count ourselves to be partnered with some of the best stores in our industry - shops like Guevel represent our brand and help tell the story behind why we do what we do to their customers both local and online. We're excited for Guevel as they hit this milestone and partnered with them to produce three special-edition items to help celebrate. They all release this Friday, April 9th, exclusively in-store and online via Guevel

The anniversary capsule consists of three items that have been garment dyed using natural dyes in Amish Country, PA by our friends at Green Matters. We took our Pima tees and produced two colorways with them: indigo and iron. We also took an allocation of our forthcoming Natural Sevedge Fatigues, made of the same 12oz natural selvedge denim that is currently found on our Type 3s and Chino pant, and had Green Matters garment dye them with natural indigo as well. We love the depth and inconsistency of color that these dye processes have lent to the garment - no two are alike. 

All three items were produced in very limited quantities and will not be restocked once they're gone. If you're interested in measurements and further information, please reach out to Guevel in advance of this Friday's release as we anticipate them moving pretty quickly.

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