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Gold Rush.

An up close image of the gold selvedge detail on the jeans.
A pair of folded jeans on a white background showing the pocket flasher.
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A moody shot of a model wearing a blue denim jacket in shadows.
A diptych of a man wearing a denim jacket and a detail shot of the selvedge detail worn on body.
The model reaches into the inside of his jacket and shows the selvedge detailing inside the placket.
A diptych of the fit of the NT cut on body.
Two folded jeans on a white seamless background.
A diptych showing the NT cut worn on model.

After a decade of partnership, we are excited to launch our first collaboration together with Seattle-based retailer Blue Owl Workshop. Entitled "Gold Rush," this project has been over the year in the making and we are excited to finally launch the first part of it this Friday, October 16th. 

The collection centers around a custom fabric that we produced in conjunction with Nihon Menpu Mills in Ibara, Okayama. The Blue Owl team expressed interest in developing a low tension denim on the lighter side for comfortable year-round wear and beautiful wear. The "Gold Rush" denim that was woven exclusively for this project features a 12.5oz indigo selvedge with a special double-line selvedge detail featuring metallic gold lamé thread. The loomstate denim was then shipped over to our factory in San Francisco to be sewn into a limited run of jeans and Type 3s jackets. Once completed, we sent the garments out for an industrial rinse to both remove shrinkage and bring the fabric to life. The jeans and jackets all have a soft, broken-in hand to them post wash with the ability to wear in and fade beautifully over time. 

The 3sixteen x Blue Owl "Gold Rush" denim will be available in two jean cuts: NT and CT, as well as our flagship Type 3s jacket. All three styles will launch at 11am PDT this Friday, October 16th exclusively via Blue Owl Workshop's website and retail store. For further information and detailed measurements, please visit Blue Owl's website:

CT-BOW1 Gold Rush
NT-BOW1 Gold Rush
Type 3s Jacket Gold Rush

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