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Gloverall for 3sixteen Duffel Coat.

Gloverall for 3sixteen Duffel Coat.
A man in a black duffel coat stands on a bridge in a park.
A man in a black wool coat walks across a bridge in a park.

Photos: Chris Fenimore

This fall, we’re proud to launch a brand new partnership with renowned British outerwear manufacturer Gloverall. For those of you who’ve been following along with 3sixteen for some time now, you might remember that our FW09 collection included a duffel coat that was modeled after the kind that Gloverall has been making since the 1950’s. It was an unexpected hit for the season and sold out almost instantly via retailers, becoming a sought-after piece in the months to come. Joshua Kissi, who together with Travis Gumbs, ran a very influential style blog called “Street Etiquette” featured our Camel duffel coat in a post that winter. Years later, fashion writer (and good friend) Jian Deleon included it in Complex’s “Evolution of a Hypebeast” article as a cultural artifact of 2010 and its movement towards raw denim, heritage and Americana. As the duffel coat has played such a large role in our brand story, we thought it would be apropos to partner with the most recognized manufacturer of this style of coat to create our own version over 10 years later.

A man in a black wool coat stands by a lake.
A man stands by a lake with ducks.

Gloverall was established in Britain a few years after WW2 when two glove and overall wholesalers began selling surplus military duffel coats to the civilian market. After this venture was met with unexpected success, the two began a venture that reimagined this standard issue military coat with stylish revisions and swaps for premium fabrics. Nearly seventy years later, Gloverall remains a huge reason as to why the duffel coat has been a mainstay in fashion. We are incredibly excited to collaborate with a brand that holds so much rich history and cultural influence.

A detailed shot of a black wool overcoat worn next to a lake with a swan in it.
A man in a black wool coat stands on a bridge.

The large front pockets are a trademark design detail, as are the rope fastenings and wooden toggles - but in typical 3sixteen fashion, we commissioned blacked-out versions for a cleaner look. We also removed hood snaps, throat latches and wrist straps to give the coat a cleaner, modernized look. Additional design details include a diamond-quilted shoulder cape, a detail that we included on our original 2009 version, as well as paneled navy wool contrasts on the pockets and the back panel. This contrast is pretty discreet when worn but becomes more prominent when you’re looking at it up close or in direct sunlight. Each coat is fully cut and sewn in England.

Ducks swimming in a pond
A man in a black wool coat stands on a bridge.

The Gloverall for 3sixteen Duffel Coat releases this Thursday, November 3rd at noon EDT on, and will be available in our NY and LA flagship stores when we open that same day. We've already posted a product page with full measurements for your reference so you can determine your size before launch day. The Gloverall for 3sixteen Duffel Coat can also be found via select retailers worldwide - we’ve listed them below for your convenience:

Cultizm (Online)
Homme Essentials (Richmond, VA)
Iron Shop Provisions (Lake Charles/New Orleans, LA)
James Dant (Indianapolis, IN)
No Man Walks Alone (NYC/online)
Redcast Heritage (Madrid)
Withered Fig (Vienna, VA/online)

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