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Favorites: Charcoal Chamois Scout Boots.

Favorites: Charcoal Chamois Scout Boots.
A diptych of a pair of black boots
A diptych of a man wearing the boots along with a still image of them.
A diptych of a man wearing the boots along with a still image of them.
A diptych of a man wearing the boots along with a still image of them.

"Favorites" is a new series of posts where we reach out to friends of the brand to ask them about about their favorite 3sixteen piece - something they've worn extensively over the years. First up is Chris Curran (@thisisallihavenow) and his beloved pair of Viberg for 3sixteen Scout Boots, which we incidentally just restocked a month or so ago. 

When thinking about what I love about my Viberg Scout Boots, the first thing that comes to mind is how comfortable they are. I'm someone who doesn't like to sacrifice comfort for fashion, and these boots fortunately have both. The roughout chamois leather has been soft and forgiving on my feet since day one, so the boots didn't require much break-in. That, along with the Vibram Gloxi-Cut soles that they sit on, make for all-day comfort that I've never felt before from a pair of boots. They really feel like a pair of sneakers.

This boot to me is a classic example of the style that has always made 3sixteen one of my favorite brands. It seamlessly takes elements of the traditional workwear style that Viberg is known for, and blends them with their modern vision of streetwear. This mix makes the Scout perfect for workwear purists, but also appealing to a more contemporary style that can be used to tie together a variety of outfits. My Scouts really shine when I use them in wide and loose-fitting outfits. The sleek toe box, along with the chunky white sole, are details that are crucial to bridging the gap between looking intentional and looking sloppy. Even when I'm not thinking so hard about what I'm wearing, my Scout's understated black leather makes them easy to just throw on with some jeans and a t-shirt. 

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