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Editorial 01.

Photographer: Ray Spears
Model: Terrence Tyson

Sunlight streams onto the model's face as he closes his eyes blissfully.
The model sits in a low leather sling chair with his legs crossed.
The model, dressed in 3sixteen jacket and jeans, leans against a wall and stares intently into the camera.
A detail shot of the model buttoning up a 3sixteen denim jacket with both hands.
The model pulls a 3sixteen white tee off his body while seated in a chair in a white room.
The model stares into the camera with his white tee half-removed, hand over mouth.
A closeup shot of the model's hands crossed behind his back.
The model runs his hands through his hair as sunlight pours onto his face.
A closeup shot of the model as he gazes fiercely into the camera with arms draped over his knees.
A detail shot of the zigzag stitch detail on the underside of a 3sixteen jacket.
An artful photo of a model leaning over his forearm, looking into the camera wearing a 3sixteen denim jacket.
A closeup of a hand half-entered into a denim jean pocket.
The model's face peers out from between two white drifting curtains.
A silhouette of a model standing in front of two curtains blowing in the wind.
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