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Crescent Down Works for 3sixteen Pullover.

A close up shot of a paneled olive down jacket made of vintage army materials.
Crescent Down Works for 3sixteen Pullover.
A young man wears the down jacket with paint splattered fatigues.
Worn-in sneakers on an asphalt playground.
A young man wears the down jacket with paint splattered fatigues.
The model looks off in the distance with hood on the jacket raised.
A diptych of a young man wearing the down jacket with paint splattered fatigues.
A young man in the down jacket sits atop a park bench.
A young man pulls a hood over his head in the cold winter.

Jon Moy is a freelance writer based in Detroit. He’s written about a lot of things, but mostly about fashion. He’s just happy to be here.

Leave it to 3sixteen and Crescent Down Works to make THE jacket of the season. Another iteration of a collaboration that utilizes Crescent Down Works’ 700 fill down and 3sixteen’s repurposed military fabrics, this hooded pullover is all you need to survive winter. And so good you’ll want to wear it long after winter is over. Just practice your, “Nah, I’m not hot, I run cold” response ahead of time so it feels natural come May. 

The quilted panels on this hooded anorak are a perfect complement to the varied shades of olive present in the vintage military fabrics sourced for this project. Each panel, and in fact, each jacket will be slightly different from each other. Which means when you buy this jacket, you’ll get one unique to you. That way you don’t have to wait until you accidentally drip some pizza oil on one of the squares to make it your own. 

There’s a lot to love about this jacket, but the down filled kangaroo pocket has got to be one of the highlights. Everyone knows kangaroo pockets are the best genre of pockets.There’s nothing quite like shoving your hands into a warm kangaroo pocket on a blustery winter day. It just looks so cool. And the cut of this jacket is so good. A pullover jacket is just cooler. It’s, like, Newton’s Fourth Law of Jackets. Just remember, if you get in a fight, avoid the hockey jersey maneuver where they pull it over your head, it’s hard to fight when you’re stuck in your jacket like cornholio. Combining the pullover fit with the down fill means you can wear it on its own or with some layers underneath. And if it gets really brick out, throw a vest over it and just flaunt your disdain for Old Man Winter’s icy touch.

The Crescent Down Works for 3sixteen Pullover retails for $650 and will release on Friday, December 11th at noon EST on You can also find them in-store via our NY and LA flagship stores on the same day.

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