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Coming Soon: US Army Tent Caps.

This Friday, we'll be releasing a new hat style: it's a classic 6-panel ball cap silhouette that's been paired with vintage US Army shelter half tents. Part of the beauty in using salvaged material is that no two hats end up looking alike, something that customers saw in our past projects where we made caps out of old USN deck pants. Like previous releases, each hat is individually cut and sewn for us by Knickerbocker Manufacturing Co. in Ridgewood, NY - it's an extremely time consuming process that most factories would pass over in the name of efficiency. 

We bought these tents from various sources: vintage shops, army surplus stores, and even eBay. Some of the tents were heavily used (evidenced by sun fading and discoloration) and others looked newer. Two of the tents dated back to the Vietnam War and one even showed up in an overdyed brown, which was a pleasant surprise that allowed us to make a small run of brown caps alongside the rest of the olive ones.

The US Army Tent Cap goes on sale Friday, July 29th at noon EST via, and will retail for $65.