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Iterations, Volume 1.

Iterations, Volume 1.
Man wears band collar shirt in front of wall.
Closeup of pattern on Band Collar shirt.
Profile shot of man wearing band collar shirt
Man wearing 3/4 sleeve shirt
Closeup of 3/4 sleeve shirt
Side profile of man wearing 3/4 sleeve shirt
Closeup of man wearing navy-colored short sleeve shirt.
Man wearing short sleeve band collar shirt.

Although 3sixteen releases seasonal collections biannually, we’re constantly designing and developing new products throughout the year. Some of these ideas emerge after we’ve already finalized a collection that is over 9 months away from release and others are inspired by an exciting fabric that we come across that we want to use immediately. As a company that relies heavily on the flexibility of domestic manufacturing, we’ve realized that sometimes products can and should come to fruition outside of the normal seasonal lifecycle. In response to this, we are launching our first series of Iterations this upcoming week. Iterations will be our ongoing method of debuting new ideas and interesting fabrics, and will only be available in limited quantities via select accounts. Although Iterations will never be reproduced, variants may eventually show up in future seasonal collections.

Next week, we are debuting a new silhouette: the Band Collar Short Sleeve. It’s available in a lightweight Japanese cotton print in two colorways. Our 3/4 Shirt that we first launched in 2014 has also been reproduced in a textured indigo broadcloth with a triangle discharge print. Both shirt styles are made in the USA and have already shipped to select retailers. A small size run will be made available via our webstore on Monday, August 24th at noon EST.

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