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20th Anniversary Peace Shirt.

Wooden blocks on a table.
A close up image of a tan shirt with various colored peace signs printed on it.
The back of a man wearing a colorful peace print shirt.

For our 20th anniversary, we are excited to launch a new iteration of our Peace Block Print Vacation Shirt, and for the first time, it enjoys a wider release via select retailers worldwide. We first debuted the Peace Shirt in July of 2021; just shy of two years later, it returns in a new rendition to celebrate our 20th anniversary: emerald green. The first appearance of this accent color was displayed on the selvedge ID ticker of the Burkina Faso collection released just a few months ago and for this release, the hue is on full display alongside complementary earth tones. Each peace sign is block printed by hand atop a 100% linen body by way of traditional techniques perfected by artisans in India.

Two men inspect a block print and discuss strategy.
A close up of a wooden peace sign block dipped in green ink.

Last Fall, we traveled to visit our factory in Jaipur and had the chance to visit the block print facility where so many of our fabrics over the past few years have been printed. In anticipation of producing this special run of shirts to celebrate our 20th anniversary, we had the factory mix several shades of emerald green so that we could test it out while were there. Although we knew the painstaking work that goes into printing fabric by hand, having the chance to see artisans mix inks, dip blocks in and stamp the fabric with motions so efficient that they could only have been formed with years of practice was a special experience.

A man in a colorful peace shirt walks across a basketball court.
A man in a colorful peace shirt sits on a park bench.

Block printing is a traditional print method that is integral to India’s textile production history. Motifs are carved by hand into wood and then used to stamp repeated patterns onto fabric. For this design, we asked the printers to constantly rotate the symbol slightly so that no two yards of printing would end up the same. The artisans had freedom to place each stamp where they felt was best to ensure the final result wasn’t too formulaic. 

The 20th Anniversary Peace Shirt launches on Thursday, August 3rd at noon EDT on Limited quantities will also be available via our NY & LA flagship stores, as well as select retailers worldwide.

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