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Woodlands x 3sixteen Flannel.

Published March 04, 2015

 Every year, we link up with our friends at The Woodlands to produce a run of Crosscut Flannel shirts out of deadstock Pendleton wool. This year we decided to keep one of the fabrics for ourselves, and as you can see, it was the craziest of the bunch. Each shirt is unique due to how spaced out the stripes are: some stripes show up at the middle of the body or at the top and bottom, and others have matching or mismatched cuffs - and the collar may have a random hit too as you can see in the photograph. To us, this was part of the charm of the fabric. We were only able to produce 12 units due to the limited fabric availability, and are releasing them on Wednesday, March 4th via Instagram. Follow our account to receive further updates on how to purchase the shirt. We've included measurements below for your reference.


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