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Kuroki Mills.

Kuroki Mills.

Large rolls of undyed cotton

Last month, we traveled to Okayama to visit Kuroki, the mill that weaves all of our denim. It was a trip that left us in awe of the incredible work and attention to detail that goes into crafting the fabric that we eventually make into jeans. We were fortunate to have Martin Kirby, a talented photographer who hails from Melbourne, with us to help document the process from start to finish. We assembled all the final photos and debuted them through VSCO, a company that we love and respect deeply. It was a partnership that made perfect sense as Martin uses their VSCO Film product to process his photos, and we use their VSCO Cam iPhone app for our Instagram images. They put together a great piece on our trip to Kuroki that you can read here.

Below are a few more of Martin's photos from our visit that weren't included in the piece.

Undyed cotton threads on a loom

Threads going through their first dying process.

Man inspecting denim production machinery.

Machinery for denim manufacturing.

Selvage denim being produced.

Johan Lam inspecting the finished rolls of denim.
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