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Teranishi x Aerosyn-Lex Mon Coaster (Set of 2)


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For this Decade Collection piece, we brought two of our very talented friends together - Teppei Teranishi and Aerosyn-Lex - to design a very special collaboration. Aerosyn-Lex designed a mon (Japanese family crest) that combines elements from all three brands: Teranishi's leaves, 3sixteen's pickaxes, and Aerosyn-Lex's quill and ink. We then had the crest laser etched into natural tan coasters that will darken and age beautifully with use over time.

The coasters are made of 4-5oz. natural english bridle leather that has been laser cut and etched with the mon design. The edges are then hand finished. The entire piece - from leather to lasering to finishing - is made in the USA. Ships as a set of two (2). 

This product releases September 21st at noon EST.


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