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Up Close: Selvedge Oxford.

At 3sixteen, we are relentlessly focused on details - those tiny differences that we hope make our pieces into one of the first things you look for in your closet when you get ready to face the day. While we try to make our webshop as informative as possible, not everything we love about certain pieces can be translated to a simple description.

The very best solution would be for you to come to our flagship store or visit one of our retail partners to see, touch, ask questions about, and try on a piece you're interested in. As powerful and wonderful as the Internet is, we strongly believe there is no substitute for an in-person experience. This isn't feasible or convenient for everybody though, so every now and again we'll be taking some time out to talk more about pieces that we think you'd love if you saw them up close.

This month, we bring our focus to a new shirt we've added to our line up this season: the Selvedge Oxford Shirt. Originally a British sporting staple, this style of shirt was transformed by Brooks Brothers into the button-down collar classic that's become part of our national fashion heritage. And like our chinos, they are our take on an iconic menswear staple that can bridge the gap between work and play with a subtle flair.

The challenge we issued ourselves is a familiar one to us: how do we take something classic and make it 3sixteen? Going in, we knew it had to be well-tailored, and feature single needle stitching. Not only is this stitching distinctive to the style, it also has a higher stitch count which elevates the shirt just a touch - we're particularly pleased with the subtle twist it gives our trademark crossed back yoke.

Fabric is always a big part of the story, and as we've talked about before, we're obsessed with how texture is an under-rated way of adding a new dimension to a piece. With these, there's an ever-so-slight inconsistency to the weave (nep) which gives the cloth character.  When new, the shirt adopts a well-worn, slightly wrinkled look that magically conveys élan rather than untidiness. If you prefer a more pressed look, it irons up well - it's all part of an oxford's flexibility.

We also love to push fabric towards the substantial end of things, and this is where it's interesting to compare the two shirts.  The white version weighs in at 6.2 oz, and is woven from 40/1 (warp) x 10/1 (weft) threads, which puts it at the heavier end of oxford cloth. If you've had the pleasure of handling vintage Brooks Brothers oxfords, you'll be pleased to recognize a similar hand.

The indigo variant weighs in at 5.8 oz and is woven from a more uniform 20 x 20. It's still heavier than most oxfords you'll run into, and will subtly fade over time. This interpretation represents the more modern side of 3sixteen.

While each color has its own vibe, we think of each of the shirts as a solid basic that is ready to become a weekly go-to for a variety of occasions. It took us a year to get these shirts to the point where we thought they fully expressed what we're always aiming for at 3sixteen: the right combination of fit, fabrication, and dialed-in details. We think it was worth the effort, and hope you do, too.

Because we want you to have a chance to see and appreciate the Selvedge Oxford Shirt in person, for this weekend only we are offering free domestic returns on this shirt. Place an order for a Selvedge Oxford Shirt before Monday (5/21), and if you're not in love with the shirt when you receive it, email us at and we'll generate a return shipping label for you to send the order back at no cost to you.