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Team Profiles: Spencer Ramirez.

Name: Spencer Ramirez
Department: Sales
Jeans: CS-100x

What album are you currently listening to?
One of my recent record purchases was Tarkio Road by Brewer & Shipley. I was unfamiliar, but the record was only a couple of bucks, so I took a chance. Ended up loving the whole album, and it's been on heavy rotation since I picked it up.

3sixteen aside, what are some of your favorite brands?
There are a lot of great brands/designers out right now, but a few I'm really enjoying are: STORY mfg., s.k. manor hill, BODE, and Needles.

You just found $100 on the street - what are you blowing it on?
Straight to Self Edge for denim repairs. My CS-100x are thrashed and I'd like to keep them going as long as I can. With the remaining cash, I'd head down Beverley and hit Go Get Em Tiger for a coffee, and finish with a burrito at Cactus.

What’s one embarrassing habit of yours?
I shake my leg all the time when sitting. In the 7th grade I switched from playing a single bass drum pedal to a double, and I wanted to practice while in class, so I'd just tap for hours. Now I can't turn it off...

Any hobbies or side projects you are currently pursuing?
I play drums in a few bands, and a couple friends and I just started putting out music under Atwater Records. I've also been making coffee-related enamel pins under The Mayven for a couple of years alongside Johan and our friend Casey.

What’s your favorite piece from FW17?
Definitely the Crosscut Western in Green Jacquard Plaid. Love the fabric and pewter snaps, and have been eyeing it since the samples came in.

A friend is visiting LA - what three spots are you sending them to eat at?
Go Get Em Tiger for coffee/breakfast, Wax Paper for lunch, and Ostrich Farm for dinner.